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    What is the Greatest Calling of God in our Lives?

    What is the Greatest Calling of God in our Lives?

    Some may answer this by saying to serve as in who is the greatest among you except he that serves his brother. Or to lay down one's life for no greater love has any man than he lay down his life for another. Others may cite the various ministries such as apostle, prophet, pastor teacher or evangelist.

    The truth of what is the greatest calling of God may surprise you as all the above each have their own merit and are vital but each of these must have this as its foundation BEFORE they could be fulfilled. All the others are descriptive of what the building looks like after this foundation is laid for all were built upon this one very important thing.

    We see the answer in a very short and obscure way that most have never considered as they read it. As Jesus emerged from John's baptism, the voice from heaven said, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased."

    But what does this actually mean? God expresses His love, admiration and pleasure towards Jesus, not just because of what He was about to do in ministry and laying down of His life but rather He was expressing what Jesus had been doing for thirty years! For thirty years, Jesus lived as a Son! He did what sons do, learn, obey, be trained, obey, grew in understanding, obey, grew in wisdom and stature and finally, obey.

    Yes, being a son means a premium is placed on obedience in all things. He grew in grace and so must we. We must learn and be trained in when we are to act and when it is time we are to stop and listen and observe. We must learn as His children to hear His voice and the only way to hear His voice is to have a heart that is set to obey whatever He says. You cannot learn this any other way than in a Father-Son relationship. You learn to work together in unison by allowing Father to lead and doing your part as He gives you to do. You learn obedience through what you suffer, just as it is spoken of Jesus. We learn that as well intentioned our way may seem to us, it falls short of His way. In this, we learn to deny ourselves. We seek recognition and glory, but as sons, we learn to lay this down for the glory of another. We sometimes think we have a better way but learn we do not have the capacity to direct our own way.

    Jesus spent thirty years of His life living as a son as preparation for the greatest work the world will ever see. Although fully man and fully God, He humbled himself to accept the limitations of a man and leave the glory He shared with His Father behind. All to demonstrate to us that to live a sinless life in complete obedience to the Father was not only desired but attainable.

    If so great a premium of being a Son first was placed on Jesus, how much more should we too learn to be sons. When we first came to Him in faith, to take as much time as necessary, until we receive the Father's approval, to be sons. For it is out of what He gained as a Son, that Jesus was able to serve and lay His life down for us all. No house can be built and be able to stand the tests of life unless it is built upon a solid, well anchored foundation. Not even Jesus could have done it any other way.

    If God placed such a premium on sonship and He required this of His own Son, how much more should we, as His adopted children, first learn to be sons and daughters until the time we too receive our approval from our Heavenly Father? For it is only after we are true sons and have learned what it is to be sons can we serve, can we lay down our lives for others or serve in the capacities He has called us to as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists. This also applies in all other areas of service including helps, finances, administration, ministry, gifts, etc.

    So now would be a good time to give your own assessment of your life. Have you known what it is to be His son or daughter? I am not speaking figuratively but speaking of actual experiences through obedience, training, discipline, loving and being loved, learning to wait on Him in all things, patience, kindness, mercy, compassion, empathy. Have you adopted all the traits of your heavenly Father? As the law was Jesus' schoolmaster, have you allowed the law of God to train you in righteousness? For we are all heirs but being an heir does not mean special privileges. For we are all treated no differently than servants until we've completed our training in righteousness and the Father gives us His seal of approval.

    For many of you, graduation day is approaching but for many others, you are still in those days of early training. Understand there is a time when He will approve your training and you will know as you are known. Just understand, the greatest call of God in your life is for you to be His son/daughter and out of this relationship, you serve.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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    1. This is very helpful. Hadn't really considered this part in depth. Don't recall any other time have come across a message dealing with this subject.

    2. Becoming a son is the most critical part of our journey of faith and yet, so few ever speak of this truth. Only in knowing the Father will we be able to understand what it means to be His son. Many today prefer the titles and acclamations that attend those titles but they have missed the mark. What they gather for themselves will be taken away from them and given to another more worthy than they. For a son truly knows the heart of the Father and from that relationship, is able to walk as a true ambassador of the kingdom of God.


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