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    Pride - Its Source and Its Downfall

    Pride - Its Source and Its Downfall

    Pride is at the heart of just about all we do when we have not put to death our own selfishness. It is pride that says "I can do this myself without any help." It is pride that insists on its own way and makes its own choices. It is pride that sets the stage of our lives and will not allow changes to that stage to come about.

    Pride knows best but while it knows best, there remains this lingering doubt. This lingering doubt is pride's cousin, called "fear". Hidden behind all that pride does is fear, pulling the strings, manipulating and controlling. It is fear that remains hidden and undetectable until pride is moved out of the way. It is the fear of rejection that reigns supreme over all that pride does.

    Pride is the face that the fear of rejection wears so as to disguise itself as being something like strength and confidence where there is no strength or confidence. Since the fall of man in the garden, man was born rejected by God and all of his motivations since his youth are selfish in nature as this fear of rejection is the engine that drives that selfishness.

    Only acceptance with God, established through faith in Him can this fear of rejection be dislodged from its throne in our lives. Only while humbling ourselves can this face of pride be removed and we can clearly see how it was by this fear of rejection, we've allowed our pride to control us and our choices.

    The choices made by pride and its underlying theme is to protect us from rejection. This fear of rejection, being based on our initial rejection by God because of our rebellion to His will and authority, is at the heart of all our sin. For proof of this, we need only to look at the rebellion of Adam and Eve while in the garden of God. The serpent's temptation to Eve was very simple. The serpent challenged the authority of God by demeaning Him and accusing God of the very selfishness that the serpent himself lives by.

    Notice how the serpent deceived Eve. In a derogatory tone, he said, "Did GOD say you shall surely die?!" His tone was indicating to Eve that God was not the final authority and therefore did not qualify to be obeyed. The serpent then blatantly accused God of something that could not be found in His character. He accused God of being selfish by claiming the reasons God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of that tree He warned them of. The serpent said, "He knows that the day you eat of this tree, you will become like Him, knowing the difference between good and evil." The truth was just the opposite. Adam and Eve were created in the very image and likeness of the Godhead and God withheld nothing from them except that which would be deadly to them.

    Pride always lifts itself and its abilities and knowledge above God. Pride trusts no one but itself. Pride looks for hidden motives behind every challenge as it refuses to relinquish its authority over the person with which it has control. Pride's greatest strength is to find weakness or fault with all who challenge it. Pride cannot nor will not be challenged because it is always right.

    Once Eve and Adam ate of that forbidden fruit, they realized immediately the results of their mistake. They saw their own nakedness and sought to hide themselves. Fear gripped them and when they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden, fear caused them to hide themselves from Him. The very One that walked with them freely everyday in the cool of the day, was now Someone they greatly feared because of their disobedience. They knew now what that cost of disobedience, that rebellion, was to be. They knew that God would not accept them in their nakedness and fear began its reign over them. From that moment till now, today, it is that same fear that continues to have the rule over mankind while wearing the mask of pride to protect itself from further rejection.

    It is through that fear of rejection that mankind steals, kills and destroys, just as its father, the devil, steals, kills and destroys. Pride desires to have the rule over everything within its grasp. The more it can control, the greater its protection from rejection. Pride will stop at nothing and regards no one as truly friend for everyone else is being ruled by that same spirit of the fear of rejection through pride. As long as this is true, then everyone is a potential threat. Even those with whom we love. For even our love is motivated through this shield of pride we wear. We love in order to be loved in return. Failure to love us in the manner we give love will result in mistrust, betrayal and ultimately, rejection and Pride cannot allow this to happen. Pride isolates. Pride is ultimately alone. Pride's only true friend is that spirit which controls it, the fear of rejection.

    The only way to defeat pride and that fear of rejection, is faith in Christ. Faith is that key that opens the door to the heart of God which is perfect love. Once we have tasted of His unconditional love, the fear of rejection melts away and the mask of pride becomes no longer a necessary accessary in our lives. It loses its value and we begin to see it for what it truly is. We begin to see it as that defensive mechanism it truly is that has stood guard over our lives to protect us from rejection. It is then we realize that our best protection is to remove that fig leaf that hides our nakedness and to allow ourselves to become naked and vulnerable to God as His love covers our sins with His own Glory.

    For His word is quick and powerful, exposing all that we are and to Him, we are all naked and exposed, all our motives are clearly seen and in spite of this, He still loves us. What a glorious truth! We no longer need to be fearful of rejection for He loves us and nothing can take that love away from us again! Pride and its cousin can no longer control and manipulate us and where they held their greatest hold over us, is now removed because we know that we are no longer rejected by God but loved and accepted by Him!

    Pride loses while LOVE WINS!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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