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    2 Chronicles 7:14 (AMP)
    If My people, who are called by My name, shall HUMBLE themselves, PRAY, SEEK, CRAVE, and REQUIRE OF NECESSITY My face and TURN from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.
    I have highlighted key words of this famous verse as translated in the Amplified Version of the bible for a specific reason. Each of these words combined speak as a definition of one word....

    T R A V A I L

    tra·vail (tr-vl, trvl)
    1. Work, especially when arduous or involving painful effort; toil. See Synonyms at work.
    2. Tribulation or agony; anguish.
    3. The labor of childbirth.
    intr.v. tra·vailed, tra·vail·ing, tra·vails
    1. To work strenuously; toil.
    2. To be in the labor of childbirth.



    All of these words are the closest description of the kind of travail of soul, we as a people, MUST be in, if we are to see the kind of change we all are seeking for of God. If what we do in our asking of God for His Glory to be revealed and for His Glory to be released upon us does not at least match a point of desperation of soul before Him as we see in the truest of lights our great need for Him, then our prayers fall short of its goal to move the heart of our God.

    We ask and then we play. In our asking, we ask lightly, we seek lightly. Oh that our prayer would be as that notable blind Bartimaeus when Jesus stopped to answer on His road from Jericho to Jerusalem. Nothing would stop this man from getting what he KNEW was his and would not be denied. For when those who walked ahead of Jesus tried to quiet him down, he called out all the louder, “JESUS! THOU SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON ME!”

    The woman with the issue of blood who had suffered an uncontrollable loss of blood for twelve years had spent all she had with doctors who could not help her but when she heard that in the crowd coming near where she was a Man who could release her of her infirmity, she gathered all her remaining strength and crawled through that crowd just to touch the hem of His garment. She would not be denied. She was at the point of desperation. She and blind Bartimaeus both knew that if they were to be healed, it would take a great effort on their part to reach the Son of God with their desires.

    No obstacle would be too great and great were those obstacles. She with virtually no strength left in her body, could not stand to walk or to run but on her hands and knees she clawed her way through an unforgiving crowd who had no pity on her. He, the son of an honorable man, at once an honorable man himself, reduced to the life of a beggar as not even his father's name could save him, saw only one last opportunity to restore that which had been taken away from all that other men prized, respect and honor. But even as he cried out for Jesus to save him, those of His own crowd yelled at him to be quiet but even this great disappointment would not stop this desperate man from getting what he desired most...his sight.

    To what desperation in agony and travail of soul do WE seek what WE so desperately need from that same Jesus before He passes us by. For we are faced with an even greater need than either these two unrelenting souls who received what they sought for. The sin of our own people has risen to the heavens as the stench of Sodom and the abominations of Gomorrah. The sin of our nation is as the sin of those nations that God caused Israel to destroy as they entered the land promised to their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And even as great as the outcry of the blood of the millions of innocent unborn babies continues to rise up to the throne of heaven, we hold a national day of pray offering up great swelling words without nary a tear of brokenness that will move the heart of our great and compassionate God.

    We are as children in our complacency. Seemingly unaware of the desperation of our need. We ask in a simple prayer and then we play church as if there were no real time of desperation. WHERE IS THE TRAVAIL?!!! WHERE ARE OUR MOMENTS OF CRIES OF DESPERATION. Where is this pressing through those great forces of darkness who seek to enslave us all. That great prophet and statesman, Daniel, prayed for 21 days before he received the answer to his desperate cries being delayed because of that powerful demonic prince of Persia who withstood the messenger of the Lord who carried God's response. (Daniel 10:13)

    Where is our continuous cry that will not be quenched UNTIL we receive that which we know to be ours? Where is our unquenchable thirst for His righteousness to be established in us and our people...our nation? How long will we be willing to travail as a woman travails in child birth to bring forth those changes we so desperately need?

    Many years ago, not long after I was first born again, Holy Spirit started to show me I was in great need for something of which I did not know or was told by any of my brethren. He began to show me through His word that my love fell far short of His love and if I were to be used by Him, then it was His perfect love that I would need. In this way, a travail of soul gripped me and would not let me go until I received this of what I knew nothing of. All I knew was His love was perfect and mine was imperfect. Everyday started with this gnawing hunger and thirst for something more. Everyday ended with me crying myself to sleep as I earnestly sought Him with my tears, so desperate I was to receive that which I did not know I COULD receive. After what seemed to be an almost unendurable amount of time as days stretched into weeks, I was in prayer and once again, fell asleep, only this time, it was different.

    This attitude of prayer continued in my dreams. I was still mouthing the same words that had become my mantra, "My love is filthy rags but Your love is perfect. Let me have Your love." Just then, I was no longer asleep but suddenly awake with a wonderful knowledge He was answering my prayer. And just as soon as I knew He would give it to me, He touched me! Powerful waves, one after another, of the most beautiful liquid white light of His love flooded every fiber of my being. Wave after wave engulfed me until I felt I could contain no more, then it stopped. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and fell immediately into a restful sleep.

    When I awoke the next day, I felt as if I were floating in the clouds of heaven. I left my room downtown and walked among the others who were busying themselves to go to work or to meetings. Everyone I saw, was as if I had known them their whole lives when as yet they were still strangers to me. I could literally SEE them. I KNEW them! I LOVED them all. I wanted to hug each person! I wanted to put my arms around this entire city of Houston Texas! So great was this extraordinary love I now felt pouring out of me. As I walked, I could see the form of Jesus completely enveloping me. It was as if I was walking and seeing and hearing and understanding and loving from INSIDE Him. What a wonderful gift He had given me. I still did not know what this extraordinary gift was called and had no way to express it to others.

    It would be many weeks before another brother in Christ asked me if I had received the PROMISE since I first believed. I had no idea what he was talking about. After a few days with me trying to explain my recent experience, he finally realized that what I was trying to tell him was I had already received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    Would God have given me this baptism any other way than the way He did? I cannot tell. I can only speak of my experience first hand of what took place in my life. What I CAN speak of is knowing, first hand, what a travail of soul looks like and feels like. I was in the most desperate moments of my life seeking that which I did not even know existed or was available to all who believe. Had I known this, my desperation would only have increased.

    Brethren, our nation, is on the verge of a great judgment because our sin has risen to heaven as a great stench before the Lord and the ONLY ones who can intervene or cry out for this nation are those who are of the household of God. But what we need to do is what 2 Chronicles 7:14 is saying in that the ONLY kind of prayer that will be heard by our Heavenly Father is a nonstop, continuous prayer of travail of soul, of desperation, as we see with our own eyes, how truly desperate our nation is in need of redemption. It is NOT enough to make mental notes. It is NOT enough that we gather together and appoint one man or even a group of men to voice the words of a prayer that SHOULD be coming out of each one of our hearts as cries of anguish for our sins. If we do not see how critical and desperate our need is; if we as Daniel sought forgiveness of his sins, his nation's sins and the sins of his fathers, then our cries will be those of anguish of soul, stricken with the desperation of our need for God to forgive us.

    DO NOT JUST READ THIS MESSAGE AND NOD YOUR ASSENT! Read this message and let Holy Spirit convict your heart and to cause a cry to be released in such a manner as to not be satisfied with just a few words or a few moments of your time but let this become YOUR cry of desperation as if you and your family and your neighborhood were about to be destroyed unless we cry out to God for His SALVATION!

    We do not yet see the extent of our sin that has risen before God. We walk each day as if we are assured of another day as before and do not know that Jesus comes as a thief in the night. Just as in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until that day when the flood took them all away. So it is today. A flood of filth is rising in the east and when it hits our shores, cries of desperation will arise in this once free land in such a way that men's hearts will fail them for fear, TODAY, we have a chance to stem this evil tide that is coming our way as God's form of judgment where He will repay all according to their own deeds.

    Will you not fall on your faces and join me and others in crying out to God to forgive our sins and the sins of our fathers and our nation's sins? For judgment is near our doors and unless we cry out now for forgiveness of sins, then our cries after this destruction begins will NOT BE HEARD! These are indeed the days of Jeremiah the prophet as the hordes of Babylon are marching on the walls of our great nation to destroy it and take away as captive all those who survive.

    It is on the shoulders of THIS generation that our nation will either continue to stand or fall, never to rise up again. How desperate are you oh nation. How desperate are you oh children of the Most High? Will we arise as men and women of God, put on our heavenly armor and enter into this great battle on our faces as we weep for a lost nation? Our time is short! Will we fall down before our merciful Father and seek His mercies or will we be as blind men, not seeing our time or knowing that Jesus is approaching? TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! WILL WE CRY OUT TO BE SAVED? WILL WE ALLOW OUR TIMES AND OUR SCHEDULES AND OUR BUSYNESS ROB US OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF OUR LIVES?

    It will not be enough to call for a single day of fasting and prayer. Ours is a need that far surpasses this small measure. We must set our faces towards heaven and let Holy Spirit bring to us such travail and anguish of soul as to not be satisfied until we receive what we know we can have of God. Will you join me in this great endeavor. I for one and my family, will enter in immediately and not turn away till we see our salvation or our destruction!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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