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    Today’s society, with its instant everything and the focus of products and services that cater to the fickle whims of the selfish orientation of the consumer, what great things were done yesterday, fades quickly as the shininess and newness of those things become as tarnished, useless ‘old’ things. The general attitude of the consumer today is “What have you done for me lately?!”

    Always, the emphasis is on what have you done for ME lately. This aversion to satisfy our fleshly desires is an all consuming passion. Advertisers seek for new and innovative ways to lure potential customers to their doors, promising everything but the moon to the would be shopper. With the use of every form of technology, our world literally SCREAMS for our attention as they seek to satisfy our seeming insatiable appetite for the newest and best things that will tickle our fickle desires in order to fulfill what we consider those things we MUST HAVE! There is no end to this race as there exists no finish line, no completion, no such thing as something that man can come up with to finally find that product or service that will forever fill that hole for something new and better.

    In all this rush on the one side, the consumer who seeks to find the latest in innovation and complains loudly if even the best company in the world fails to find something new to satisfy their appetites, to the companies, spending millions of dollars in research and paying top dollar to find that service or product that will out do all others. Once this is found and the market is satisfied for a little while, the search for the next new thing begins afresh. The cycle never ends. Ever seeking but never finding. Ever creating but never enough. For what was acceptable yesterday is no longer fashionable today and tomorrow, it is old news, obsolete.

    This “What have you done for me lately?!“ prevailing attitude in the marketplace has crossed all boundaries and now has become so pervasive that it has become the standard in our interpersonal relationships. With the focus always on self, the ability for anyone to keep up and try to satisfy this bottomless pit of self gratification, has become an insurmountable obstacle that finds its end in broken relationships that never find their fulfillment through the failed expectations of both parties. As a result of this, the very concept of a lifetime commitment to another, falls by the wayside as that most important ingredient for a successful relationship has been lost. The willingness to lay down one’s life for another.

    Jesus said that no man can have a greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friend. Today, it is a rare thing to see this in the lives of anyone. From time to time, in Facebook, you might find a graphic showing an elderly couple with one saying, “In my day, we learned to ‘fix’ what was broken...” Sadly, this is not the sentiment easily found in today’s society. It is far easier to shop for something else than to commit yourself to fix what is perceived to be broken. Why spend the time and effort to fix it, when it can be replaced!

    This attitude has, at its heart, a tendency to devalue what we have and promote another, even more dangerous attitude, one that does not appreciate what we have. It is this latter fruit that is of the greatest concern. It seems that one feeds into the other. While we keep looking for the next greatest thing, we view what we currently have as somewhat less than how we saw it yesterday. Sadly, the same goes for people in our relationships. Here today, gone tomorrow. With such a turnaround in relationships, it is no wonder that tempers flare and what was unthinkable 50 year ago, becomes commonplace today. The turn to violence as the resolution to our problems.

    The values once cherished a generation ago is viewed as just old useless sentimentality. Life is no longer of paramount importance in the lives of this new generation. Power over life and death seems to be the only constant today. Children killing children. Sons and daughters, killing mothers and fathers. A stranger killed for the change in his pocket. Children murdered for the popular electronics in their hands as they walk down the street. Senseless loss of life and for what! Someone sees another with something they want and no thought given to the value of that life being extinguished. No remorse. No conscience. No morals.

    It is hard to imagine another time or age in which this lack of love has been so prevalent and yet this is merely a repeating of history as one nation after another, over the centuries, imploded from within through this same moral corruption and the denigration of society. The largest and longest lasting empire known to have existed, the Roman Empire, met their demise from within long before the destruction that came from without. With this example in history, those who will repeat history are those who do not take a lesson from it. Today, even with the incredible advancements in technologies that have turned this world into the information age, no one seems to be taking the lessons of history to heart.

    Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. This refrain, sadly, is the song that this generation is now singing. Even in the church, through all its own history, has failed to learn from that history. The bible reveals account after account of what happens to the nation of Israel when they forget their God. In each account, another nation rises up and troubles the nation of Israel until they cry out to God for their deliverance. For a time, all turn back to God until things settle down and prosperity returns. Then, once again, not having learned the lessons of their past, the children of Israel fall away again from the Lord their God. Until finally, with it clear that they will not obey the Lord their God, He allows a great nation to rise up and take them all away from the land He had promised to their forefathers. This promise, would no longer be found in the hands of that people God had set His own Name upon.

    One final chance was given to this nation. God sent His own beloved Son for the express purpose of redeeming mankind back to Himself and in the process, deliver Israel from the strivings of all other nations. Again, they refused and killed the Son of God, their promised Messiah, while refusing to recognize who He was because of the selfishness of their own hearts. Not long after this, in 70AD, the Roman empire sent their armies and leveled Jerusalem and from that time, Israel would be scattered among the nations, no longer to live as a nation in their own land until 1948.

    For nearly two thousand years, these chosen of God, were persecuted and diminished as a people, suffering the worse of any people group in the history of the world. Cast aside and without a home, they became the prey of every evil nation and tyrant wherever they went. Such is the justice of God who demands His people who follow Him to walk in His holiness and in faithfulness. The curse that has been at the heart of all people, including those given His name, has been the same. If we forget God then He will forget our children. As one generation of children is forgotten and grow up to have children of their own, this curse escalates to the point where the value of a life becomes so diminished as to have no value at all.

    Today, we are seeing a generation of children who were being raised by another lost generation of children. As a result, the value of life has been so diminished as to no longer mean anything at all. To this generation of children, a life is no different than the lives taken in a video game. The value is not understood. The value of life is not appreciated. The value of life has long been forgotten as those of today no longer have this value being demonstrated or modeled before them.

    Everyone seeks their own thing with little or no concern of the needs of others. Children murdered while in the womb because to the mother, that child represents an inconvenience, neither wanted nor desired. Children left to die unattended in a vehicle in the heat of the day. Children going to a school where there are too many to be taught with no personal attention to their learning given. The increase of drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse running unchecked in both schools and at home. Truly the curse of God is in evidence all around us and yet, there is no one to stand in the gap. We are all too busy with our own lives to make the sacrifice needed to make a change. The challenge has become too great and as such, we all shrink back, thinking that it is too big for any one person or any group to effectively make a difference.

    It is this very perspective of apathy which has invaded the families and communities of our society that looks for someone else to rescue them and is setting the stage for the false messiah to rise up and offer a solution to all of mankind. Everyone is looking for a savior but just as Jesus had warned, because they have rejected Him, when another comes, him will they follow. And so it is today, in our “What have you done for me lately...” society, we have come to a place where the only solution we will accept, is not Jesus Christ whom God has sent but a man that will come in his own name and offer us the salvation that will cost us our own eternal lives.

    The stage is being set and the actors are prepared, each with their own roles to be played out on the stage of this planet for the lives of all who remain. God against the devil. Jesus versus the beast with all of mankind as the prize. If we did not have the end of the book, God's word, to see how this will end, no hope would remain. But for those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ, there remains a strong and valid hope, IF we continue in faithfulness until the end. For all those who remain faithful till the end, a crown of life is promised.

    Seeing how this stage is set, let us lay aside every weight and every sin that so easily besets us and walk with humility and grace the path given to us through God's own Son and Holy Spirit whom He has sent to speak on His behalf. Let us each turn away from the selfishness of our former lives and pursue the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Let us all learn what it means to be sons and daughters of God and through this, serve one another in His love. Let us be perfect as Jesus commanded us, like His Father is perfect!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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    1. Absolutely right Jerry! Tell it as it is. The world needs straight talking!


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