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    Letting Go Is Not Easy but Not Impossible

    Letting Go Is Not Easy But Not Impossible

    Letting go is the ONLY option to bring about healing. Fear is always at the root of why we do not let go. We are fearful of the unknown. Even if what part we have is a tenuous part, we still don't know what will happen if we let it all go. What we fail to realize is that there is a love much greater than our own that is waiting to take the reigns and has a wisdom greater than if we lived for thousands of years. If this wisdom of God can hold together every molecule, every atom that makes up the universe, then He most certainly can be trusted to hold those things and people we hold the most dear to us.

    Letting go of our fears may seem impossible but this is what FAITH is all about. We must trust the invisible, hope in the impossible and put our trust in the One who has demonstrated to us the great extent of what He is willing to sacrifice, all because of His great love for us. Can God be trusted to keep what we have never been able to keep? What happens if things get worse after we let go?

    Consider this. There is a cancer that must be removed or our loved one may die. The surgeons have had a great track record in these types of surgeries. We choose to trust them and allow our loved one to go under the knife. However, these surgeons, as great as they are, must do something that to us, seems incomprehensible. In order to heal, they must injure. No one but hospital staff are allowed in the operating room and most certainly, no family members will EVER be allowed in. WHY? If those family members saw how their loved one was being opened up through incision, they would fly into panic because their baby, their husband, their wife, their sibling was being carved up. Just the sight of this procedure would be enough to cause us to change our minds. The surgeons MUST be allowed to do their work UNHINDERED by the lack of understanding of others who do not know the healing process.

    God wishes to perform intricate surgery on the hearts of those entrusted to His care and many times, the process of this is too painful to watch and we want to intervene as we do not understand the process of healing. Wounds need to be opened and cleaned and the foreign elements need to be removed so that the healing can begin. God understands fully what is needed but we, oftentimes, do not. This is why He REQUIRES for us to let go completely or He cannot do what is most needed.

    The father of the prodigal son KNEW this. When his own son wanted his portion of his inheritance before it was time, the father knew what his son would do with this. He knew the heartache that will result. He knew the loneliness that will ensue after all passion has been spent. He knew the depths of sin and their potential to destroy what to him was his most precious possession, his son. Yet, this loving father, let go of his son, knowing full well the suffering that lies ahead for him because he knew that this was the only way for his son to learn this awful lesson of life. It took COURAGE to let his son go. It took FAITH to let him go. It took an uncommon LOVE to let him go. Everyday after he let his son go, this father left his home, walked out to the distance and waited for the time his son would return.

    We all know the story, we've read it, the son spends all his money and after this, found that his 'friends' were not friends at all. Isn't it interesting that a famine would hit just AFTER the son had lost everything? Seems that God was at work readying his patient for heart surgery. It is like the fasting required before major surgery. This famine hit, depriving even more of life from this young man. Finally, after having suffered beyond what he could bear, his thoughts returned to his home he so arrogantly left behind. He now realized how great he had it while there and even how much better the household servants had it than he was now experiencing. A plan was formulated in his mind. "I will return, humble myself and only ask for a servant's portion. Even this would be better than what I have now!"

    He begins his journey back. What he did not expect to find was seeing his father standing so far away from his home. His father was looking for someone. He could not believe it. He had burned those bridges behind him and was certain his father no longer could possibly love him. And yet, there he was and as soon as he saw his father, he saw his own father begin to RUN to him! Suddenly his heart melted inside him. How could this be?! How could my father still love me?! Yet, here he was, watching as his father ran toward him and before he realized it, he found himself running toward him as well! The distance was quickly covered and before he knew it, his father was embracing him in a passionate embrace and kissing him as if he were a long lost relative. Suddenly, the unexpected happened! His father called for his servants to bring his best robe and put it on him. His father also put shoes on his feet and took his own signet ring from his own hand and put it on the finger of his own hand! Never, in his imagination, could he expect such a greeting from his father. Never had he known such love! How humbled he felt. How unworthy of such extravagance! To think, he thought he could find something better away from his family, only to find nothing but emptiness and loneliness.

    Today, for this grieving father, was to be a day of great rejoicing. As he had done countless days and weeks before, he left his home and its surroundings and walked far into the distance in the hopes that he might see his son return, only to turn back in disappointment. At first, there was such a hope but as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, his hope began to fade. But nevertheless, this man's hope would not die. Today, as in so many days before, he stood on that knoll, waiting for the impossible. He was about to turn away as so many times before when, suddenly, he saw a movement in the distance. Was his eyes playing tricks on him? Was this just the vain imaginations of an old man?

    NO! His eyes were NOT playing tricks on him. He DID see movement! Could it be? After all these many months, could that be his son he saw in the distance? He refused to doubt it anymore but immediately began to race to see! As he ran, he sees this form standing still, looking his way, YES, it WAS his son! He ran even harder and soon, he saw his son run towards him too. Quickly they covered the distance and he reached out and grabbed his son and began to cry, "My son, my son! He who was lost is now found! He who was dead is now alive!" He couldn't believe it and yet here he was, ALIVE and in his arms. He never wanted to let go again.

    He never wanted to be separated from him again. He showered his son with unceasing kisses. It did not matter to him how terrible he smelled or how poorly he was dressed for his son, who was lost, is now come home again! He quickly called for his servants for by now, they were concerned and some have come out to see what was happening. "Bring my best cloak and some shoes for my son who has come home!" They came back as he had commanded and quickly, this father covered his sons rags with his best cloak and covered his bare feet with shoes. He then pulled off his own signet ring which he had received from his father and used countless times to seal his emblem for the completion of countless transactions and put this on his son's finger, a symbol of ultimate trust and faith.

    THIS, is what we gain when we release our loved ones to the very capable and loving hands of The Lord. CAN He be trusted? CAN we let go? If we can see how much God truly loves us and all that WE hold dear, then YES, an emphatic YES! He who loves us and said He will never leave us but promises to complete His work in us, even in spite of ourselves, He CAN be trusted and is worthy of ALL our trust. For who can pluck us from HIS hand?! For who can separate us from HIS love?! For who is greater and mightier than HE?!

    So I say YES LORD. I DO cast all my cares on YOU for YOU care for me! I CHOOSE to let go of all YOU have given me and give back to YOU that precious life you have so generously and lovingly put into my care. For YOU love with a greater love than I could ever understand! TODAY, I give to YOU all that I hold dear! I TRUST You Lord and will not fear for YOU hold my future and the future of my loved ones! TODAY, I give to You my PRAISE and THANKSGIVING! TODAY, I give to You all my WORSHIP! For YOU are WORTHY of all praise, honor, power and might forever and ever!


    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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