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    Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do when someone comes to us with a problem, an illness, a loved one with cancer, depression, financial need or any other need and just say a few words over them, add the tagline, “In Jesus’ Name” and all will be well? Add to this the fact that we don’t have to follow up to see if things “actually” got better. We just tell them to “receive it by faith” and let them go their way. Wouldn’t it be great if this is “all” we had to do?

    Today, for the most part, this IS all that most Christians actually do! I have been a Christian since the spring of ’76 and it is these kinds of prayers that I’ve witnessed time and again! Each time I witnessed this kind of prayer, I watched to see if God would answer. Know what I found? The vast majority of the time, no miracle happened, no changes occurred. Those with financial problems still had them. Those with illnesses still suffered. Those who came to be delivered of their confusion and hopelessness were never set free. In fact, the vast majority of the time, the person was told to “receive it by faith” and then sent on their way. These very same people ended up feeling that perhaps they either didn’t have ENOUGH faith or were not “good” enough to please God. They were left in discouragement and wonder, but the wrong kind of wonder. They “wondered” if they and God were on good terms or perhaps, what they were facing and suffering from was God’s “will” for them.

    I was early in my first year as a believer, surrounded by Christians who “said” God had not changed. “He still heals and delivers,” they said. But what I witnessed over a period of months brought me cause to wonder if He still did because nothing ever happened. I began to seek Him earnestly. I searched the scriptures and sought Him in prayer, asking Him if He still did any of those things I read about in the Gospels and the book of Acts. I never had any problem with Him healing me from time to time as the need arose. I worked one job as a milkman, delivering bottled milk at homes early in the morning. One day, I was running down a steep hill back to my truck after dropping the customer’s milk order and suddenly, my ankle turned badly and I collapsed to the ground in a lot of pain!

    I needed to finish my run and no one was around to help me. Cellphones did not exist then and no pay-phone was around for miles. I couldn’t stand up and later, after my shift, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a severe sprain and bruising. The doctor said this was worse than a break and I would not be able to walk on it for a few weeks. I was the sole provider for my family and simply could not afford to be off from work. I decided to “tough it out” and went to work anyway. The truck I drove had an unusual manual gearing system. The foot brake and clutch were combined in a single unit. There was no chair in this delivery truck and all driving and shifting gears had to be accomplished while standing. I had to rest my entire weight on my left foot while applying the clutch to change gears while pressing the accelerator with my right foot. Guess which foot had the severe sprain. You guessed right, my RIGHT foot.

    I did the only thing I COULD do. I asked for God to heal my ankle. I put it to the test. When I put all my weight on the injured ankle, there was NO PAIN and I was able to work far sooner than any doctor said I could. God DID heal because He healed ME! Since that time, I’ve experienced His healing touch in my life numerous times. This is why I was so perplexed when I didn’t see this happening at church when everyone laid hands on those who needed healing and nothing happened. The scriptures say that the prayer of faith will heal the sick. Yet, time after time after time, I saw nothing of the sort. WHY?

    The more I grew in the Lord, the more I learned as Holy Spirit was teaching me many truths, more and more, my eyes were opening to the things of the Spirit and as such, those many questions I had, began to be answered. The Spirit of the Lord opened up to me the world of the spiritual realm. I actually began to “see” through the eyes of “understanding” those things that were taking place in the spirit. When someone prayed, I actually could see whether their words were alive and went “into” the person they were praying for or whether the words they spoke just fell to the ground. The Spirit of the Lord showed me that when their words fell to the ground was when they were NOT speaking by the direction of the Holy Spirit. They did this on their own volition. Those times when I saw the “spirit” of the words go “into” the person they were praying for or speaking to, those were the times when they were being “led” by the Spirit. God ALWAYS confirms what HE is doing!

    Eventually, I came to a church where most of the believers there prayed in this fashion, “I ‘speak’ peace and life into you. I ‘speak’ healing and deliverance.” When I heard this, I wondered, “What new doctrine is this?” By this time, I was able to see by the Spirit and saw their words fall to the ground every single time. Not once did I see anyone being healed, encouraged or delivered through these kinds of prayers. Nevertheless, I kept silent, waiting to see if this church taught about this new kind of prayer. For years I waited and not once did I ever hear a single message about this and I did look for it with much intensity. During these years of waiting, I did what the Spirit of the Lord always did in me. When I saw hopelessness, I asked Him to show me the root and did what He showed me to do. As a result, that person was released from their bondage and hope was restored.

    Not once, did I ever speak those “dreaded” words over someone by saying, “I ‘speak’ such and such into you or over you.” These words were foreign to me and my experience. Eventually, after about 4 years at this church, I had the chance to speak with an elder friend about this and after sharing with him my first experience, of which he was present and one of those speaking in this manner when praying for someone, he chuckled and told me about a minister in South Texas who had received a revelation from the Spirit of the Lord to pray in this manner. It was after his testimony that people began to ‘mimic’ this kind of prayer. Suddenly, the realization of the truth hit me. God told this man to pray in this manner but He never told the others to do so.

    Why then, didn’t this work with everyone else? The answer was all too clear and simple to me. We are all to walk in that which the Spirit of the Lord is instructing US to walk in. We can never walk in another’s revelation. Did the Spirit of the Lord tell this man to teach others how to do this or did he do this on his own? The answer can only be known through the fruit it produces. If his message produced the same kind of fruit as evidenced in his life, then Holy Spirit DID instruct him to tell of it. If it DIDN’T, then the idea to teach this came from him. There is something I MUST say about this right now.


    The proof MUST be in the fruit. No fruit means it was born out of our own will. This is plain and simple to understand. Even if God DID want his servant to eventually teach about this, the evidence would prove that this man moved ‘ahead’ of God and ‘presumed’. Much like the crowd that was ‘before’ Jesus on that road to Jerusalem from Jericho where He met and healed the blind man. Those who went ‘before’ Jesus, presumed that Jesus did not want to have anything to do with that blind man and told this man to be quiet. This proves something that is VERY critical for us all to learn a lesson from. We can NEVER make assumptions or presumptions when it comes to what God may or may not want to do. We can’t see one example and automatically assumed that this example of God’s love and grace and power will work for EVERY situation the same way.

    What may work for one because that one was walking in complete obedience to the Spirit of the Lord, may not work for others. WE EACH MUST WALK IN THE LIGHT WE EACH RECEIVE BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD, INDIVIDUALLY. We cannot walk in someone else’s anointing or revelation! PERIOD!

    The more I saw of this “I ‘speak’ this or that over you” doctrine, the more I saw that those who did this were looking for the “easy” way out. They cried “peace, peace” where there was no peace! They were found building the kingdom of God with ‘untempered’ mortar. This is why none of their prayers actually worked and so many were left disheartened, discouraged and doubted whether God really loves them.

    Many of these same ‘outcasts,’ as they eventually became, was sent to me by the Spirit of the Lord because His love for them was so great, He did not want to leave them this way. At this time in my life, the Spirit of the Lord had already taught me these and other truths and was actively working in my life to use me to reach out to these, the ‘discarded’ ones.

    Today, there are many such ones in the church. No quick answer, no quick prayers will heal or deliver them. Only to those who will commit themselves to prayer, commit themselves to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and will walk in total obedience to His direction, will be used to bring healing and deliverance to the ‘lost’ sheep of His house. I have been doing this for many years now and have been blessed beyond measure to see His hand work in the lives of those He has brought my way. God STILL heals and delivers today. He has never changed. The problem for the church is, we have a tendency to look for the shortcuts, the easy way that doesn’t require the kind of commitment needed to walk that extra mile for another. We don’t see many ‘good Samaritans’ today. This Samaritan not only tended to the needs of a man left to die when the ‘spiritual’ men refused to stop and render aid. He went the ‘extra mile’ by bringing this man, in his wounded state, to an inn and promised to pay his bill until the man was well enough to go his own way.

    Where is THIS in the church today? Oh, I DO see it from time to time but it is a rare thing indeed. The graciousness of God has always been at work in our lives, whether we realize it or not. We need to begin to recognize this work of His in us, appreciate it and seek to be used of Him in the lives of others. No shortcuts. We need to take the time and effort to ‘seek’ Him for the answers and be willing to be used of Him in the lives of those He sends to us. We have no shortage of people to be used for because Jesus said, “The poor, you have with you always.” In this, He was not just speaking of those who were financially poor. All we have to do is to make ourselves available to Him and refuse to say what amounts to ‘magic’ words. Walk in the light that is given to YOU and NOT in someone else's light. Walk in YOUR faith for you certainly can’t walk in mine. Each is given a measure of faith. Use what He has given you and more will be given. Bury what you have and be certain, what was given to you, will be taken away from you and given to him which has more because, that one has already demonstrated they will use it according to the will and purpose of Him they walk with by the Spirit.

    Yes, LOVE IS HARD WORK but that ‘work’ is the most rewarding kind of all, IF we are willing and obedient.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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