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    Built on honesty or deception?

    I had an interesting dream this morning. In this dream, I had the ability to actually "see" when people around me were speaking honestly to me or trying to tell me what they "think" I wanted to hear. This was a very saddening dream because it reflected accurately what actually happens to all of us everyday of our lives but yet, although we may have the sense of this, we cannot actually know it. 

    Some may rationalize that perhaps this "deception" is an innocent thing without any intention to harm but in the dream, with pride left out of the way, it was all too clear that deception, no matter how well meaning, caused irreparable harm over the long term. Over time, in the dream, I saw myself withdrawing from those that continued to build upon those "innocent lies" until the truth could no longer be distinguished from the lie.THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS TRAP contrived by the evil one that lures its prey into an ever larger cesspool with an end that breaks from truth altogether and brings broken relationships where trust is nowhere to be found. We are lured into the thinking that if we were truly honest, then the other person would be offended and the relationship would suffer. So we add a little here, a little there and before we know it, every word that comes out of our mouth in relationship to that person we've "lied" to (being less than completely honest), no longer comes around and we are left without understanding what happened to our friendship.What is failed to be understood is that complete honesty can work if given a chance. We actually short-change the other person by expecting that they will not be able to "handle" our honesty. We actually show by our slight deception, that we really don't know our "friend" and do not trust in our own friendship with them.What we all fail to realize is that "true friendship" is based entirely upon HONESTY in that relationship. Honesty FIRST to ourselves and then towards those around us. This does not mean that we blurt out to others "I hate you!" or other such damaging words. If we were truly honest with ourselves, we will see that this "hatred" we may feel for others is not so much because of them but because of the hatred that lies deep within our own souls. If we start with being honest with ourselves, we will see that the source of all conflict starts with us and not another.

    Let me explain. You may have grown up in a violent home with anger and hatred being constantly expressed. Although this is terrible, what we DO with this actually determines the mindsets we establish for our future self. As children, we either choose to escape within ourself or we choose to fight back. As adults today, we are always faced with choices of how we will respond to those people and situations around us that are adversarial. We can choose to put the blame for our wrong actions or reactions on that situation or person OR we can look honestly within ourselves and see that our reactions came because we have past hurts and wounds that have not yet been healed.

    Gold is purified in fire. Everything that is not gold, during intense heat will either burn up or rise to the surface as gold is a much heavier metal that all other metals or minerals. Our faith, being much more precious than gold, is being purged and purified by this adverse conditions that arise in our lives. God uses adversity for this express purpose. This is why we are to embrace tribulations because through them, God intends to perfect those things that concern us. So, if we are truly honest with ourselves, then we can begin to see that this is what is intended through adversity.

    God wishes to bring us to the place where we are as harmless as innocent doves. This can only occur when we adopt His attitude of total honesty. This has everlasting repercussions because nothing of deception can enter into the kingdom of heaven. No liars, no deceivers will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Seeing how this is so, shouldn't we then reconsider what it is we find ourselves doing everyday with those around us and change our course and seek to become as honest as God is to us?

    If you agree, then join me in this simple prayer to our heavenly Father.

    Forgive me Father for walking in my own deceptions. I realize that there ARE NO INNOCENT LIES. Help me and guide me into a life without deception so that I can learn to be a person of complete honesty, starting with myself. Open my eyes to what I've been doing and help me to focus on learning to be a person of honesty. In Jesus' Name, I pray! AMEN!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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