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    What Kind of Mark Are You Leaving?

     We all leave our mark on this world. How to leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone you encounter? This is probably the most important question any Christian has never asked!

    Whether we know it or not, we influence the lives of everyone we encounter. It is not something we are consciously aware of nor is it something we intentionally set out to do. It just happens. When we are sad and don't try to hide that sadness, others around us see this and either share in our sadness or are repulsed by it. The same can be said when we are visibly happy. As it is true of every emotion we experience.

    We are built that way from our Creator. Whether we choose to believe He created us or not, we have that innate ability to impose our emotions on the lives of everyone around us. The only way to avoid this is to move to an isolated region of the world, cut ourselves off from all contact with any other human being. Even casual contact with no conversation to engage in at all, we still have an impact. If we walk down the street or go about our business at work or the shopping malls or places of entertainment; wherever people congregate, we have an impact even if we try to ignore everyone else.

    Just this act of ignoring others leaves an impression on others. If we go about preoccupied with our own thoughts, this too has an impact. We see someone in this state and unless we have need of their attention, we tend to leave them alone so as not to disturb them. If we see this every time we see them, we may feel that there is no room in their lives for us and leave them alone. The only way to overcome this is to risk it all and interrupt their apparent bliss. If they receive us, great, if not, well…

    What do people see in us when they see us? Are we welcoming? Are we angry? Are we happy? Do we put people off because of the countenance on our faces? Are we engaging? Welcoming? Friendly? Unfriendly? Impatient? Hurried? Kind and patient?

    What people see is the physical manifestation of what really lives on the inside of us. We cannot help but to reflect that which drives us. Are we driven to recognition? For power? For money? For love and acceptance? Is there peace in that place we live? Is love the rule rather than the exception? Everyday and at every moment, our lives are under scrutiny by those around us. This is especially so for those who profess Christianity. We are the ones who are more closely examined and scrutinized than any other people group. The reason for this can be easily found in the words of Jesus Himself. "You will be hated by all men for My sake. For it they hated Me, they will hate you."

    Everyone who either saw Jesus, heard Jesus, witnessed what He did or chose to hear about Him from afar, made their own determination about who He is and why He was there. Good or evil. A judgment was made. And so it is with those who call themselves by His Name. Satan seeks, at all times, for access into our lives to destroy us. Since before we came to Christ, we were numbered as the children of the devil, is it no wonder at all that prying eyes will look at us to accuse us.

    Even in the midst of all this evil, there are still many who look to us to see if that hope we proclaim is really true. What will they see? Will they see the hope of salvation in our lives? Will they see a consistent love and walk of forgiveness or will they see a life unchanged by the grace of God? We may stumble from time to time. That is a given for everyone, regardless of whether saved or not, but what happens after the fall is what actually sets us apart, especially in the eyes of those around us that are looking for a hope for themselves. It isn't our failures but God's successes He is working in us that shines the brightest.

    Are we walking in complete honesty or do we continue to try to hide our less desirable attributes for the sake of being found acceptable by the crowds around us? Do we show that we are living by a different standard than all the rest or do we just try to blend in? There is much that happens in our lives that either reflect the work of salvation in our life or that denies that work. Which one is that part everyone around us will see and be influenced by. A life separated to God and walking in holiness can and is the most influencial life that has that innate ability to touch and change the hearts of those around us. If this is the life you are living, without ever trying to, you are exuding the very life of Christ and the world can see it because of the way that you love others and yourself.

    If you have given these thoughts some consideration by now, can you see yourself as others see you? Can you see yourself as God sees you? Can you love who and what you are because of what God is doing and not what you are doing? For in ourselves, there is no good thing but in Christ, all the good that others see, is because of His workings in our lives.

    If all this is true, then open your mind and heart and let in more of that wonderful light of truth that Jesus came to offer us. Learn of Him and in the learning of Him, draw closer so that YOU can see Him more clearly everyday and every hour. For when we see Him as He is, THEN it is we can become just like what we see. Now, we see through a glass darkly but as we draw ever nearer to Him and see more and more of Him, the darkness of our vision begins to clear and we see Him clearer and clearer every day. When this happens, then when others see you every day, they are seeing that hope for their future in and through you, the way you live your life, what you say, what you do and in all that you say or do brings glory and honor to that name which is above every name, Jesus Christ!

    So let us BE Christ in this earth that others can see our love for one another and know that Christ is in the midst of us! AMEN!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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