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    Let's Talk About DYING!

    Let's Talk About DYING!

    Not a popular subject, is it? Whenever we gather together with others, whether with friends, co-workers, relatives or even strangers, this is the one topic that is almost never talked about AND YET, it is the one thing that is most inevitable for everyone.

    Think about it. We may talk about our latest operation, that molar that had to be pulled, our child's recent accident that required stitches, the price of gas for the car, the high price of repairs for that same car, the direction of politics today, and the latest news or even upcoming movies and other forms of entertainment.

    Truth be told, we would rather sit around complaining about some injustice done to us or to someone we know than talk about our own prospect of dying. Today, I just read about a driver who died after being hit from behind on a local freeway, an Indy car driver died after being hit in the head by debris on the track, man dies after playing video games, one man dies during half-marathon, politician dies during a press conference, from murder, from accidents, from choking, from drowning, etc. This list goes on and on. In the state of Texas in 2010, 2,998 people died as a result of car accidents. Just a quick "google" can find all kinds of ways people have died. Also, let's not forget those who died while they were praying.

    Yes, it is appointed for man to die. It is inescapable. We are born and then we die. Yet, no one wants to talk about it. Have you ever considered that not one of those people mentioned above ever gave a single thought about dying the day they actually died? Imagine, waking up and saying to yourself, "I think I will die from a tree limb dropping on me while I am out for a walk today." Or, how about, "I think I will get into a car accident today and die."

    No! We just don't consider such things. Many are cavalier about dying. I've heard some say, "If it happens, it happens." Some even go so far as to say, "I just hope that when it happens, I am having a good time and I will see my friends in hell and we will party there!"
    Have you ever heard anyone talk like that? I have, on more than one occasion.

    Since it is a foregone conclusion that if we are alive today, then we will most certainly die...eventually. Since this is a given, why not talk about it from time to time? Have you ever tried starting up that kind of conversation with anyone? Yes, it certainly is a great way to disperse a crowd! I've seen the same thing happen when I've mentioned the name "Jesus" in a crowd too. Suddenly, everyone has something very important that needs their immediate attention. Funny how that is! What is it about talking about death or Jesus that "spooks" folks. Death and dying, I can understand but about the author of Life, now that is something else entirely!

    You would think that talking about Jesus would be a far cry better subject than talking about death and dying and yet, people will not want to talk about Him at all, especially, if you are directing that conversation about salvation towards their need. (Except the Father draw them, no one can come to Jesus).

    How about talking about the return of Jesus. Now, this subject should be on every Christian's lips today but it isn't. The devil has successfully made this subject "taboo" because of his manipulation of the end time prophecies where some say He is coming for the church "before" a tribulation, in the middle of tribulation or after tribulation BUT, did you consider that He can come for YOU or THEM at any time through death? Just like the thousands who died on our streets every year, we never think that one of those times it will be us. Neither did those who died. We never think it will be our time. Somehow, we think that this will happen to someone else and never consider that our time of life is not a guarantee.

    The question is, are YOU ready for your own death? I know, not something you want to be asked but there it is, the question has been asked of YOU. Are YOU ready to leave this world? Today? Tomorrow? Now for the next inevitable question...where do you suppose you will be AFTER you die? Now, this is a question NO ONE wants to consider. Most try to ignore the possibility of heaven or hell and the way some churches teach about it, everyone seems to be going to heaven, even if they lived their lives as a scoundrel. Ever hear a graveside message bemoaning that dead person's soul having to spend an eternity in hell? NEVER! Somehow, we just don't want to consider this possible consequence of life.

    If we, the living, have such a difficult time considering there ARE consequences to a life not so well lived, a life motivated entirely upon selfish interests, self-serving purposes, self-seeking, self self self self, no wonder we don't want to talk about life's consequences because they do not FAVOR our selfishness! But if God is truly a LOVING God, wouldn't He NOT want any of us to go to hell? Then why do some preachers keep saying there is such a thing. Don't they get it? Today, we don't talk about absolutes because we've convinced ourselves that there is no such thing. And yet, there is that one absolute that everyone knows is coming their way, eventually....DEATH!

    Perhaps that is why we don't talk about it. It reminds us of that one FINAL absolute we are trying our best to avoid. We don't want to change our lives, even when we are miserable as a result. We just want our FREEDOM to do what we please, even if our choices are TERRIBLE and we can't find our way out of our own mess! WE MUST HAVE OUR FREEDOM! We cry this, we declare this, we fight for this, we defend our rights and what do we do with them....WE ABUSE OUR FREEDOM with foolish choices! Amazing creature the human animal! We will go to war over our "principles", no matter what those principles may be and all so that we can continue to live the life we choose to live, regardless of what the consequences of our choices will bring. We just want our INDEPENDENCE and at any price!

    The message of the Cross of Christ IS A MESSAGE OF FREEDOM but UNDER God's AUTHORITY. We cry against this because we don't realize just how LOVING God is and although we are to walk in TOTAL OBEDIENCE to Him to FIND that FREEDOM, we will quickly learn that what Jesus said is true, "His YOKE is EASY and His BURDEN is LIGHT..."

    Yes, all of mankind is resisting, fighting, rejecting and despising the ONLY way to a life that is full of LOVE, PEACE AND JOY, all because we don't want to be YOKED with DEPENDENCY and YET, we are miserable, blind, and naked because of our "independence". Does this make sense to you? You can find your "freedom" by learning to be "dependent" on God but will remain in your "bondage" through your insistence on your "independence".

    What an upside-down world we live in and what is worse, WE WANT IT SO! So, do you still "don't want to talk about dying"? Okay, have it your way. Enjoy your MISERY! But you don't have to....

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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