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    There is to be a great move of God in these last days. When He pours out His Spirit, great signs and wonders will occur but only those with whom He has approved will be flowing with His Spirit. However there will be many who will desire to be used but have been disqualified because of the lack of holiness and the fear of the Lord in their lives. When these try to participate, this same anointing that is flowing through the approved ones will destroy those who were not approved. I’ve known of this for many many years but I had always wondered how or what God will use to separate between those who will vs those who will not. 
    I now know what that litmus test is. It is this, what many say is innocuous but actually brings with it a deadly poison. It is this latest internet dance craze called the “Harlem Shake”. At its outset, the Spanish words for “With the Terrorists” is spoken over the loud speaker, then the music and suddenly the dance erupts. It is demonic and has its origins in the world in 1981. God has shown me that only those pastors and leaders who, like Moses, spend time in His presence and walk in holiness and have His fear in their lives will see this for what it is but many who follow after what the people want, like Aaron when he made the golden calf, will allow this to take place in their respective camps.
    All those who will allow this to take place will be like King Saul who was instructed to kill all that has breathe of the Amalekites but kept some animals and their king Agag alive. He considered he did all that God had said but did not. So the kingdom God had given him would be stripped from him and given to another. So it will be with these. What God has entrusted to them will be taken away. In addition to this, these will try to move in the Spirit when God pours out His Spirit but will be destroyed by that same anointing they seek to enter into.
    For they did not move in the fear of the Lord and allowed that unholy thing to move into their camps. They are disqualified because of unholiness and not walking in the fear of the Lord.
    This brazen frontal assault on the kingdom to deceive this younger generation are targeting the very ones that God is calling to usher in the return of Jesus. Just as every major move of God regarding Jesus and deliverance, the youth are the ones targeted by Satan and his hordes. So it is today. For many, they see no harm but I hear something far more dire than they can imagine.
    In every great move of God to deliver His people, there has been an attack of the evil one to abort that which God was birthing. In Exodus, Satan sought to kill the promised deliverer. For four hundred years God tarried before the time arrived to deliver His people according to His promise. Satan knew God’s timetable and sought to prevent it by influencing Pharoah to kill all new born male children. God saved Moses by casting him upon the waters to escape Satan’s plan.
    In Jesus’ day, we all know the story. Satan sought Jesus’ life and had king Herod kill all the male children two years old and younger but failed as Jesus was wisked away to Egypt until Herod was dead.
    Today, God is raising up a generation that will usher in the kingdom of God and the everlasting reign of Jesus on His throne. It is this generation of youth that is being targeted by the evil one. His first attempt to destroy that which God had planned was to persuade men to legalize abortion. Today, he did not stop at just two years but sought to destroy entire generations and to date, well more than 100 million have been killed through abortions in China, United States and other countries throughout the world. And for all those that were missed, Satan has deceived the nations to forget their God and serve other gods such as gold, silver, power and influence. In this, he knew that God would hold to His word that He would forget their children. He even sought to play God against His own word! But God’s plan would not be so easily thwarted. He has protected His church and continued to feed her, even in the dry places. 
    So, to challenge God, Satan came up with another plan. He would devise a way to infiltrate the work of God in the very midst of where God was working to raise up this generation of spiritual warriors that would bring in that final harvest before Jesus would come. This new plan would be his master stroke of deception. Just as he had infiltrated the movie makers and cartoon makers to corrupt the minds of the youth, so will he seek to corrupt the very worship of God by making something appear just as harmless but filled with a deadly poison. The Harlem Shake is such a devise. It found its life through a man in a drunken stupor who was convinced this is nothing more than self-expression. Others caught on and changed the name in respect to where it was born, Harlem New York. So what had its birth as a drunken form of self-expression has found its way eventually to the church. How can this be? It is because the children of God do not know the holiness of God and are attracted to this strange fire. Those in authority are so intent on allowing whatever will draw the youth, they do not consider what it is they approve of whether the thing pleases the Lord or not. It is this very lack of the Fear of the Lord that the door has become wide open to the influence of the world in the lives of God’s prized possession…the youngest of His house. They are the most vulnerable and are subject to the greatest influences. 
    Instead of establishing Jesus as the absolute standard by which ALL things must be measured, these men and women have opened the flood gates of corruption, all at the altar of doing what pleases man and not God. So it is that God has allowed these men and women to choose by what means their judgment will come. Because they have refused My Holiness, so shall My Holiness be withheld from them when the time arrives I pour out of My Spirit upon all the earth once again in this day of the Latter Rain.
    “Be WARNED My people. Just as the children of Israel refused My word to return to the wilderness but sought to enter into that place they have rejected and I drove them out; so it will be with you,” says the Lord of Hosts, “you shall be driven out of My Holiness by My own Arm and you shall not enter in what I do upon the earth, for you have rejected Me and now, I reject you!”
    Yet, you still say in your heart that God will not do this thing. I refuse to believe this word, therefore it will not happen to me according to this saying. Woe to you who lift up your own righteousness for your righteousness you have done before will not be remembered in that day you turn from My way and My holiness and My righteous judgment. Do not presume upon Me says your God, for I will not relent in what I intend. Only bow down your heart and humble yourselves and repent that I will forgive you and clean the wickedness in your heart and turn from My wrath I intend to punish you with. For I am a JEALOUS God and share My GLORY with none! 
    Now turn away from me and be ashamed. Withdraw I say. If I refused Miriam for a week because she presumed upon Me that which is not Me, how much more shall I call for you to turn aside a set time for you to weep and mourn and throw up ashes upon your head for the depth of your treachery. Repent My people and wait for Me to tell you when I have declared your sin forgiven. Only then shall I heal you and cleanse you of your wickedness. Only then shall you be able to return to Me, says the Holiness of your God. Only then shall you return to My favor but you shall not be allowed to enter My Glorious outpouring of My Spirit. Your soul will have been spared but do not think to presume upon Me again that you may defile your garments again and I strike your name from My Book.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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