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    New Onslaught Against the Powers of Darkness is Coming

    New Onslaught Against the
    Powers of Darkness is Coming

    Many years ago, I was given an interesting dream. I, along with many others, came together to join one another to fight against a very real danger that threatened to take over our families and our lives to enslave us all. We joined together to fight against this evil.

    I along with others, were in a section of a city which I understood to be “spiritual Jerusalem” and as we fought against our enemy, we all held our own. But then, news came to us that the enemy had employed a new strategy never seen before.

    In the midst of a battle, where they fought individually, now they withdrew, formed a kind of wedge and then they would attack as before but in unison. Just as we were hearing this, the enemy we were fighting withdrew and returned in the form of that wedge and we fell before them easily.

    I woke up on a heap of bodies, being left for dead. I was severely wounded but was able to roll off the heap of bodies I was placed upon. I found my weapon, a kind of Samurai sword, which to me spoke of skill of use. I used that sword as a crutch to help me walk because I did not have much strength left in me because of the many wounds suffered.

    No one that was with me survived. I was the only one in that section of the city. Not knowing where to go, I wandered down one narrow corridor after another. All the corridors in this city were very narrow and wound this way and that way.

    Eventually, as if guided by an unseen hand, I found myself in a large open area about the size of a football field surrounded by various buildings and walls. I found a place to sit and rest against a wall.

    As I took my place, I watched as others came into this large place as wounded as I was and some even more so. They came by their ones, twos and threes. All wounded, left for dead. All found a place to rest.

    Now while I was resting, I remembered what brought me to this war. I remembered the evil threats made against our families, that threat of enslavement and pure evil. Remembering this gave me a kind of strength, enough strength that I felt I needed to stand in the midst of all the people who have now made it to this place of rest.

    I rose up and began to speak aloud those same thoughts I had while I sat resting, knowing full well that everyone in this place were thinking the very same thoughts. We knew there would be a price to pay. We were willing to lay our lives down if it meant that this terrible enemy would be defeated and through our victory, we could assure a life of freedom from bondage and servitude for all our families we left behind. Saying these things brought a renewed commitment to all present and just as I finished speaking, we all rose as one man.

    No one was healed. We were just as wounded and as weak as we were when we arrived in this place, but now, with a renewed commitment, we all left that place to return to that section of the city where we met our enemy and fell before them. I too left that place and returned to where I was left for dead. The place was the same but all the dead bodies had been removed and the place was “cleaned up”.

    Moments after I arrived in my section of the city, the enemy that had formed a wedge suddenly appeared. It took the very last of my strength to lift my sword for the battle when something strange happened. My sword suddenly took a life of its own and began to move in a level of skill and strength I never possessed and it sliced through that wedge of the enemy as a hot knife through butter. And so, this seemingly invincible enemy fell before this incredibly powerful sword that was in my hand. END OF DREAM.

    I think this dream explains itself. We are all broken and left for dead in the eyes of our enemy, whether the enemy calls himself our brother or not. All those who are not being led by the Spirit of God cannot be the sons of God and as such, will rise up to oppose all that BELONGS to God because to acknowledge the truth, will be to condemn themselves.

    For the last nearly 40 years, I have experienced this “death by a thousand cuts” from those who call themselves my brethren in Christ as they refused to hear the Voice of the Spirit of God as He spoke through His servant. Never did I lift my voice up to proclaim “my right” to speak His Word. I spoke only what was given to me to speak by the Holy Spirit and because of this, received much rejection and persecution from my own brethren.

    Sure there were those who walked in the Light and these were each an “oasis” in the midst of the desert. But even these were destined to be left for dead by those who considered themselves as being “more worthy” than they.

    Yes, over the years, I have met a number of those, my true brethren, and told them of this dream as the Spirit wanted me to share with them. Each cried as they all felt a kindred spirit with the message of this dream.

    We will be left for dead, but it is this generation of true believers that God will use in the final days to lead a new onslaught against the powers of darkness, but this time, it will be by HIS STRENGTH and HIS MIGHT that the enemy will fall, for our own strength will have been depleted and the strength for the battle will be found in our commitment of no compromising, and His grace to overcome the enemy through His power for the “good hand of the Lord” will be upon this generation of overcomers!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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