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    A Dream of Warfare in Jerusalem

    A Dream of Warfare in Jerusalem

    At the beginning of the dream I found myself in a small enclosed area embroiled in a battle with the enemy along with others with me. Our weapon of choice was what appeared as a samurai sword which speaks to me of highly skilled use.

    We were all holding our own but we received word from a courier of a new tactic of the enemy. They would regroup and form a triangular formation or wedge. When they did this, they were invincible. No sooner than we received this new bit of information than those we were fighting withdrew and formed themselves into this new triangular formation. Uncertainty and apprehension filled our hearts as we did not know what to expect. We confronted them but one by one, we all fell before this new strategy.

    The next scene I found myself waking up on top of a heap of the bodies of my brethren. I was left for dead, as we were all thought to be. I rolled off this pile of bodies, badly wounded but alive. I found my sword and used it as a crutch and began to move away from that place. I started down one narrow corridor after another, uncertain where I was going. It seemed that an unseen hand was guiding me. After a time, I happened upon a large open area surrounded by various buildings. This area was about the size of a football field. I found a spot next to an old building and sat down to rest.

    While resting I was watching others coming into this same area. Some coming alone while others coming in twos or threes. All were wounded as well. This went on for some time and during this time I began to recount how and why I became involved in this war. I remembered hearing about this terribly aggressive movement occurring in our nation that threatened the freedoms and liberty we so enjoyed. In fact this was just a thinly veiled attack on our faith and all the values of life we hold dear. I knew then that if I didn't rise up to fight this evil, our lives and our faith would be overrun. It didn't matter the cost to me at that time because the cost of not standing up would be greater. None of us were prepared for what happened later. The enemy was more powerful than any of us had imagined and we were not prepared to fight this kind of battle.

    I snapped out of my recollections as the last of the wounded warriors arrived. There was an quiet that settled upon this entire group. I looked around and all I could see was a defeated group of people, who like me, have left home and family to fight against this seemingly invincible foe. We all fell into our thoughts. After awhile, I rose from where I sat and walked into the midst of this company of tired and wounded warriors. As I stood, I wondered what to say and decided to recount aloud what I was certain all were thinking. I began to speak of how this war started, where we were when it started and the commitment we all made when we started out from home to the battlefield.

    As I looked over the crowd, it struck me how badly wounded we all were and I knew we had little strength. Remembering again our commitment to this war and why we were willing to lay down our lives in the fight for freedom, I began to express these thoughts I knew we all were thinking. After this, I declared, once again, that determination we all had made when we first started out into this war. Whether it cost us our lives, we will confront this evil and fight to our last breath. At this, everyone of the brethren rose to their feet and we all began to make our way back to the places we last battled our foe.

    No one in this great crowd of people looked any stronger than when they arrived, yet they all had a determined look in their eyes that said they loved not their lives unto death. We all had the testimony of Jesus and viewed death more as a reward than something to fear. So with all of these, I too made my way to the place I had fallen.

    The city we were all fighting in was Jerusalem, our possession of perfect peace. It was midday but appeared as midnight. There was no light in the city. The whole city was covered in a cloak of such gloom and darkness. I eventually found the place where I was left for dead. All the bodies had been removed, but before I could wonder where they were, the enemy appeared in that same formation that defeated us before.

    I was so tired, so worn out from my wounds that it took the last of my strength to even lift my sword for battle. Just then, as the enemy began to advance, my sword suddenly took a life of its own! I found that although I but little strength left, my hand became one with the sword. The sword began to move in a skill level I had never possessed and the enemy fell before my sword as butter to a hot knife. The battle ended shortly after it began with the entire enemy, who once before defeated us without difficulty, now lay at my feet, never to rise up again.

    End of dream.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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