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    Are You Being Led by the Spirit?

    1 John 3:9 (NKJV)
    Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.
    In my first year as a believer, Holy Spirit gave me revelation concerning this verse. Later that same day, I attended a bible study held at the University of Houston being led by the church I go to. I saw this young Hispanic girl arrive and immediately felt an unction of Holy Spirit to talk to her and tell her of what He showed me concerning this particular verse.

    A few minutes into our conversation, an elder interrupted to greet her and to see what we were talking about. I felt a caution in my spirit about this and did not disclose the nature of our talk. He went away and then I felt an urgency from Holy Spirit to finish this narration.

    Then the meeting started with everyone sitting in a large oblong circle. This girl I spoke with sat opposite from me. After one or two songs, she started weeping uncontrollably. Everyone gathered around to comfort her but I felt an unexpected explosion of joy inside me. As I looked to my right, at the top of the circle was this elder, who was leading this bible study, look sternly at me.

    I didn't understand the look but turned my attention back to this girl as she was starting to speak. She shared the events leading up to her arrival and then, while pointing at me, said that I came over to speak to her as she arrived at this meeting. I could feel the glare coming from the leader when she said this but tried to focus on what she was saying. Suddenly, as she continued to point at me, she said, "What he said to me set me free!"

    My spirit leapt within me and the news of what God did. However, this did not deter the leader from berating me after the meeting. Apparently, this young lady had belonged to a Christian cult called the "Children of God" which used this and other verses to keep its members under condemnation through false interpretations of these scriptures. When they sinned, as we all do, instead of showing that Jesus will forgive us, this cult told them they must not be true children of God.

    Of course, I had no knowledge of this cult as I was a new believer myself, but when the leader of this bible study was speaking angrily at me for talking to her about this specific verse and warning me that I was unqualified to interpret scripture and that I did not know anything about her to start with. My only response was that the Holy Spirit knows all about her and He told me to talk to her about what He showed me that day of this verse. It did not matter what I knew naturally because I knew He knew and trusted His leading.

    This leader never asked me what the interpretation of this scripture was as it was his judgment that I was completely unqualified to speak to her at all. However, apparently, what Holy Spirit revealed to me about this verse and my sharing this with her was sufficient to setting her free from the lies told her for years. The truth will make you free, is what the Word of God says, and this is what it did that day, made that young lady free from the lies she was being fed.

    Only those who are not born of the Spirit of God will look at this scripture and give it a wrong interpretation. All scripture is to be Spiritually discerned, or for a better understanding, should be explained by that Promise of the Father, Holy Spirit. He was sent to lead and guide us into all truth.

    Had more of the church been walking according to the leading and guiding of Holy Spirit, this young lady would have been set free much earlier and God would not have had to use a "novice" to do the work.

    The church's biggest problem today is not all the challenges it faces in the face of this world as unbelievers are pressing in and opposing God and His word. It is not the high divorce rates, the adultery, or run away teenage promiscuity or any of the rampant sin that afflicts much of the church. The biggest problem of the church today is we do not listen to what Holy Spirit is saying to us. We are not being led, we are not allowing Him to teach us, we do not give Him our time. Instead we give nearly all our free time to the world and our fleshly pursuits to satisfy our lusts for pleasure. Time we could spend in His presence is being substituted for movies, games, activities and other distractions that do not build up our most holy faith. Instead of growing in Spirit and in maturity, we choose to watch TV for hours on end and feed ourselves with the meals presented by Hollywood and the advertisers instead of meditating in God's word.

    Sure we go to church once or twice a week and give to God these set times but what about the rest of the week? If we maintained our families the same way we maintain our relationship with God, we would have lost all control of where and what our children are engaged in and we do not know. We do not share in their interests or point the way to God by setting an example as priests in our homes of what a relationship with our Creator should look like.

    We allow the TV to babysit our children, to entertain us for hour after hour, to fill our minds with all the corruption that is there. We would not invite most of what we see on TV to come to our homes and influence us and our children in person but it is okay for this to happen through this medium called TV?

    Holy Spirit, deliver us, Your children, from the vices of today and the many distractions that take away from our time with You. Have mercy, oh Lord, for we have sinned a grievous sin by ignoring so great a salvation. Change our hearts and cause us to see the paths we have chosen for ourselves and warn us of the destruction we are headed to. In Jesus' name I pray!

    For those that do not understand the correct interpretation of that verse this message is speaking about, here is what Holy Spirit showed me so many years ago that still stands today:

    Paul spoke of this in the book of Romans when He shared with us his own experience in this struggle between the flesh and the spirit. That new birth, being born again, a rebirth of God's Spirit within us as God has promised since man's fall in the garden and our death through sin to His Spirit. That Holy seed, His Spirit living within us is incapable of sinning. Our flesh is capable of sinning but our new spirit man cannot sin for it is of God's Spirit and cannot sin. To each of those who have been born again, we are being continually drawn and empowered by God's Spirit to will and to do of His good pleasure. This means simply, we are attempting to walk in the Spirit for the first time as a small child is learning to walk in their young bodies. As the child falls down because its muscles are not coordinated or even strong enough to maintain their ability to walk and stay in balance, the parents do not condemn their child because of their failure but ENCOURAGES their child to simply get up and try again. As parents, we know that only through repeatedly trying, will our child be able to finally walk. God is no different in that He knows we have not yet learned how to exercise our spiritual muscles to be coordinated to keep our balance or have the strength to maintain our walk. He encourages us to continue to try for by reason of use, we will learn to walk according to His Spirit and be led by His Spirit unto a perfect man. He knows we will fall and has given to us a provision for this by confessing our sin and Jesus Christ forgiving us and cleansing us from all unrighteousness. He knows that our heart has changed and we no longer wish to please ourselves but seek to please Him. In this, He gives us more grace to strengthen us and enable us to do according to all He commands. In this we are not condemned. The only condemnation is if we choose to refuse to walk in His ways and make no attempt at walking according to His Spirit. We are only condemned if we reject Him and His ways in order to continue to satisfy our own desires and seek our own pleasures.

    This is the truth that makes us free from the laws of sin and death, faith and the subsequent obedience to what God's Holy Spirit speaks to us and commands us to do. Should we turn away from this, we will have chosen our own destiny and that would be to our own destruction instead of the promise of life to all those who walk in complete surrender to His will and purposes in our lives.

    If you wish to live when He returns and you have allowed your flesh to have its way instead of letting Holy Spirit have His way, the time to turn away and repent is NOW! Repent, and do the first works for you have left your first love.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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