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    Eternal Weight of Glory

    Eternal Weight of Glory

    With such an "eternal weight of glory" standing before us, we continue to ignore the beauty of that call as not worth our time and effort, blinded by the temporal pleasures of today. Unable to see our ultimate end for the enticements that beckon before us with such allure and the empty promises of short lived satisfaction. Day by day we toil for that which does not bring complete and lasting satisfaction. A moment of triumph. An all too brief moment of happiness. All of it bringing an empty hope of something more promising but when attained, the emptiness still gnaws away like a ravenous dog, always eating but never satisfying the hunger to fill that aching emptiness.

    Such is the life of a man with his eyes never lifting its sights above what he is able to see in front him, with no perception or desire to measure today's events against the broader spectrum of the life that lies within his reach if only he would turn his gaze upward, to the higher calling of Jesus Christ. For only in the One who alone denied death and the grave of its prize, the life and legacy of the only begotten of the Father, can the fullness of life and its rewards be found.

    Hate could not destroy that love. The rejection and despising of men could not hide the glory that was the life that was lived not through the dictates of His own fleshly desires. It was the emptying out of that wonder He once knew with the Father and the assumption of the role of a slave to His Father's will that caused Him to triumph over all that the rewards other men could not find the strength or desire to overcome. His life was a life focused and committed to not serving the dictates or appetites of his own will but of relentlessly and without apology following after the greatest prize set before Him.....the redemption of all mankind back to His Father, the eternal fellowship this would bring and the suffering He counted as worth the price of our freedom!

    This man, called The Son of God, succeeded in the quest He was born into His earthly existence to achieve. Through the love of His Father and His determined persistence to not waver from the path that was already written for Him since before the very creation of the world, Jesus never turned aside, even for a momentary respite that has entrapped every man that had ever lived before him and after. It is because of this, that the Father has highly exalted Him in giving Him a name that is above every name both in heaven and earth....Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords and giving to Him a kingdom where He will rule for all eternity.

    Such was the aspiration of this man whose name today is often used as a curse word. He was despised and rejected and suffered for all the sin of mankind and although many follow Him wherever He goes, many more still plod along in their lives like blind men that are not able to attain even the smallest fraction of the glory that belongs to Jesus.

    The offer that is being made to man today, as long as men will continue to live on this creation of God, called Earth, is to turn away from their floundering through life and receive that monumental gift that their Creator has given to them. If we will accept the sacrifice made on our behalf through God's own Son and release the controls of our lives.....mind, will and emotions.....then we will begin a new journey that will lead us down a road we could never have imagined; with a hope that will never disappoint, filling up and overflowing that previously bottomless pit we once called our hearts.

    For at the end of this incredible journey which He promises to help us complete, lies that ETERNAL GLORY! To live an eternity with the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, enjoying a new heaven and a new earth that will never know sorrow, pain or death but will, in our arrival there, transform us into a kind of joy that has no equivalent in our earthly existence. So great, that there does not exist any word of any language on earth to measure the indescribable joy of this experience. The only word that CAN be used to describe this is a word that before has only been associated with the temporal exaltation of having captured a momentary prize but in heaven carries a definition that defies human experience.

    That word is GLORY!!!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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