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    Faith in the Impossible?

    Faith in the Impossible?

    It is necessary for us to understand the CHOICE is ours. WE decide whether we WILL pursue a matter or not based upon our FAITH. Just as Paul spoke about those with a weaker faith esteeming one day greater than another day while those with a stronger faith esteeming all days the it is with our view of what is possible versus what seems impossible. If we decide we do not have the capacity to overcome an obstacle, we then choose whether to make the attempt.

    For instance, I was approached years ago by an elder at church who introduced a fairly new Christian who had been a believer for 3 years but was still addicted to heroin for the last 5 years. By her own account, she had been to every big name TV ministry in existence and received prayer through the laying on of hands from each one....all with the same result...continued addiction.

    They all, according to her, prayed the prayer of faith and declared her free but in practice, the physical addiction remained. As she and the elder were talking to me and telling me that I was to be her home group leader, inwardly I said to God, "Why are You picking on me?" His answer to me was instant, "Because you will not give up on her."

    He was right. No matter what, if God brought her to me, it was because He intended to deliver her and heal her of her affliction and I could not turn away till she was free. So I sought the Lord until He would show me what hindered her healing. He showed me those ties that bound her were the many books of the occult she had in her possession. She needed to renounce each one and destroy them all. Our home group gathered at her house where she had hundreds of such books she had collected over the years and it was extraordinary the hold each had on her life.

    Many times I had to remind her of her need to renounce and destroy each book. It was a visible struggle for her but with much prayer and encouragement, she got through this. I brought the books home with me and we burned them all in a metal trash container in our back yard. A few days later, the Spirit of Intercession came upon me and we prayed for her release. I happened to note the time of the prayer and then called her at a friend's house. At that moment of prayer, she was going through severe withdrawals. She, inexplicably, the withdrawals lifted off of her like a blanket! She was instantly delivered from her addiction and healed!

    The point of this story, like so many other stories, is that I had a choice of how I chose to see this need. Either as a need beyond my capacity to deal with or one that was not beyond God's capacity to heal and deliver. Since throughout my Christian experience I believed that NOTHING was too difficult for God, I CHOSE to believe for the possible and to not make presumptions.

    All to often, when confronted with a seeming impossibility, we seek to make short cuts in our dealings with others who have difficulties beyond our experience. As with ALL truths, short cuts do not exist in God's economy. We either choose to walk passed that wounded soul on the rode to Jericho like the religious people or we commit ourselves and our own resources to the complete healing of our neighbor as Jesus called this wounded man. Neither the priest or religious man was willing to make the time or effort required for this man to recover. It did not matter what their reasons were for the result was the same. They saw another's need and refused to do what was needed to aid this man in his affliction.

    This woman and her addiction was not going to be an easy fix as so many others have tried and failed. It is easier to proclaim a healing than it is to see that healing through to its final conclusion. God does not heal lightly as many who call themselves His servants do declaring "Peace Peace!" When there is no peace. Only those willing to walk that extra mile and willing to sacrifice their time, energy and finances will see the glory of God manifest in what they do. For their commitment was born out of a loving compassion and having received from His hand themselves of His great mercies. Are you willing to make that commitment to see someone God brings to you, find their healing or deliverance?

    Will you the one that God will choose because you too believe there truly is nothing God can't accomplish? For this walk of faith is far more than a declaration of words! It is a life living out that declaration regardless of what the cost may be. You may show your faith by your words but I will show you may faith by my works. It is faith that works by and through love, that brings glory to God.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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