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    QUESTION: Can We Be Perfect?

    QUESTION: Can We Be Perfect?

    The answer is yes and follow me as I show you how this is possible. The answer may surprise you!

    It is such a shock to the system when our whole lives before Christ, we thought and saw things in one light (darkness) and when we are born-again, like new born babies, we can barely see shapes but everything is still fuzzy. The more we grow in knowledge and understanding through His guidance and in the word, our vision moves from blurry to clarity. Now for our minds to catch up. What we had been told was impossible has to change to nothing is impossible with God.

    I have often been told by other Christians, at least those who called themselves by that, "You are so heavenly minded, you are no earthly good!" Where does a statement like THAT come from?! Not from God, that is for sure. The ones who have told me this were so earthly minded that they were no heavenly good. The scriptures teach us to set our minds on those things that come from above and not on the world. A carnal mind is at war with God and can never please God. So it seems, this statement of theirs is really contrary to what the bible teaches. Their minds have not yet been renewed.

    In like manner, most Christians today refuse to even consider that a Christian can become perfect and yet, they forget that when we are born-again, we became a NEW CREATURE, nothing like the old. What could not be done before can now be done because what was lost, that perfection Adam had with the Father when he was created in God's image and walked with Him in the cool of the day, was RESTORED through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, erasing forever that handwriting of destruction against us.

    As soon as we confessed Jesus Christ, His RIGHTEOUSNESS was placed upon us! At that very moment, we were made PERFECT! Image it this way, you are failing in school in all your subjects. Your attitude stinks as you are convinced there is no hope for you. Everything is difficult and each time you see your paper returned to you after a test with that giant "F" scrawled on it, you wonder, "Why even bother."

    Then, one day, a new teacher arrives in your school. The first thing she does is to erase all that history of bad grades and without any explanation, gives EVERYONE, yes, even you, STRAIGHT A's!!! You and the rest of the class cannot believe it. While you are all gawking at this and wondering if you are dreaming or if she is out of her mind, she begins to explain. Why she was brought to this school to teach, every teacher told her how dismal her students' performance was and no one can teach them anything because they no longer cared. So, instead of being discouraged by this report, she began to pull each student's file to learn as much about them as she could. She saw that nearly all of them came from extremely depressed neighborhoods and most unable to afford their own meals much less any of the materials needed for classroom study. After much prayer, she hit upon an idea. What she saw everyone lacked was the proper motivation. Everyone in their lives, including the teachers, kept telling them they were failures and will never amount to anything, etc.

    Here plan was simply brilliant. She would start the school year with everyone's record of failure wiped completely clean and everyone would be give a perfect score...straight A's. All they had to then was to maintain that A. None of the other teachers thought that would work but she went ahead anyway. All her students were in a state of shock. NO ONE has EVER done anything like this for them. NO ONE EVER showed this kind of love and concern before. NO ONE EVER gave them any kind of a chance. Many started to cry when they saw what this new teacher had done for them. HER PLAN WORKED TO PERFECTION!
    These students were so encouraged by this lone act of love, their whole attitude changed overnight and where there was apathy before, HOPE filled their days. Suddenly, with this hope CONFIDENCE grew inside them and where they had given up before, they now buckled themselves down and pushed themselves in a way they never did before so much so that by the end of that school year, not a single student's grade was below a B.

    Folks, this is a true story. It actually happened. And just as in this example of tremendous love being shown by that school teacher to give her students a fresh start with their slates wiped clean, so has our Heavenly Father given to each of us and clean slate and a perfect score to start our journey in Him. All we have to do is to maintain that perfect score. He even provided a way to return that perfection in the case we sinned. He says this, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness." You see, it is this UNRIGHTEOUSNESS which removes us from PERFECTION but Jesus promises to return us to perfection if we repent. He then cleanses us from that failing grade and gives us an "A" all over again! And what is happening while this is being done? We are changing everyday. Our minds, our attitudes, our emotions, our confidence, our love, our patience. Each day, we are starting to LOOK more and more LIKE HIM! We truly are perfect because of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. We REALLY ARE the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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