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    What Manner of Persons...

    What Manner Of Persons Ought We To Be

    Brethren, we have not yet seen what we shall be for if we had, we would already be walking in it. What lies before us is for us unchartered waters, bridged only by God's own Son. Let us walk with the fear of God in our hearts as what is about to be revealed in us is far beyond our current experiences.

    This coming outpouring of God's Spirit will be unlike any that was before. If you remember your Holy Spirit baptism as I do, His Spirit pulsed with the purest light, with purest love that both burns with cleansing and burns in judgment. When I emerged from my own experience, I was ready to put my arms around the whole world and tell them of the greatness of God's love. There was not a soul I saw in the streets that I did not know, such was the nature of His anointing.

    Even the visions given years later spoke of the same. Continue to allow Him to pierce even further into your souls to root out every vestige of flesh that still remains. For without Him doing this today, we may find ourselves disqualified when He comes to this world again in His power and great majesty. We must focus on preparing ourselves as a bride seeks to adorn herself for her marriage.

    We must not choose our own adornments but must do as Esther had done and allow Holy Spirit to prepare His ointments to pour over us the sweet smells of heaven's scent and put upon us the gold and the silver and the precious stones that will shine forever in His presence to reflect His immeasurable goodness and mercies. Let us prepare for Him our hearts so that when He is ready, we will be too.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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