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    You Want ALL of Me?

    You Want ALL of Me?

    I received the Word of the Lord today during worship at church. I was able to share a brief part of it but would like to share the complete word as I heard and saw it.
    "To the degree you are the degree you are is to THAT degree you will receive of that which God is soon to give to His church. If you hold back 10%, so shall He hold back 10%. If you say you will only go so far but no farther, then He shall only go so far with you. So if you desire to give to Him 100% of yourself, He will give 100% of Himself to you.
    You may say that today, you do not feel you can give to Him all of yourself but you wish you could give Him more. Then He says to you, if you need to thirst more or need to hunger more, I am here to give to you what you need to give yourself all to Me.

    In preparation for that day of visitation, you must prepare your heart. You must be prepared to make Him room. You must be prepared for Him to take priority in your life! You must be prepared to give Him preference!

    A heart that is ready for Him is a heart that has given over to Him all control. But I have my appointments, then He says, cancel them for I have my own appointments. But I have my plans, He says to change those plans for they do not line up with My plans. Whatever you see in your own life that you have given priorities to, must be given over to His priorities.

    Our hearts must be ready to say to God, I have no plans but Your plans; I have no appointments but Your appointments. Behold Oh Lord, I am Your slave altogether. Do unto me as You wish for I relinquish to you my whole life and all that it holds. My very next breath is Yours altogether. My next thought belongs to You. I give to You all my free time. Show me everyday what You desire of me and I will do according to all you show me.

    So it was with Jesus. He humbled Himself and walked as a slave to His Father's will. At no point in His life did He live or even breathe a moment without walking in complete and utter obedience to His Father's will. He did only what He saw His Father do. He spoke only what He heard from His Father. And today, He is calling for a people to prepare that place in their heart to give Him the same place and room that was displayed in the heart of Jesus as He walked among men. Will we be sold out completely.

    If Holy Spirit walks into your life, will you give Him place to do as He pleases, forgoing all your plans, all your recreational time, all your daily moments? When Jesus walked up to Matthew, that despised among his own people tax collector, He said simply, "Follow Me." And Matthew immediately left his job, left the money there, left his reputation there and followed Jesus wherever He was to go. Are we just as willing? Do we yet have anything that we wish to hold on to?

    He is looking for a Bride who has made herself ready! Ready for what? A bride who is ready to leave everything behind and go to be married to a man who was willing to lay His own life down for others, even those who despised Him, even those who rejected Him, even those who mocked Him, even those who killed Him. Are we willing to be betrothed to such as Man as He, that if He were to require this of us, we are willing to do according to all He requires?

    He is demanding a full 100% of us as He gave 100% of Himself. Those who only want of Him what He can give them, what He can provide for them, how He can heal and restore...these were the very ones who left Him when He required even more of them. He said those who are to follow Him must eat of His flesh and drink of His blood. They knew He was speaking of Himself as that sacrificial lamb that they were required to eat all of it during passover. But this was too great of a saying for them in the same way that God's voice speaking from that mountain was too cutting, too revealing, too hard so they did not wish to hear that voice but rather chose to hear the voice of a man instead. For man's voice did not cut them to heart. Man's voice did not expose the secrets of their hearts. For man's voice did not show to them the evil in their hearts as God's voice did. It is this double-edged sword of God's word and His Spirit that is to come and will illuminate the depths of our own heart. Are we to be a people that will shrink back once we see the evil that still exists in our hearts or are we to be a people that will receive this cutting of His Spirit, be broken and let Him cleanse our hearts so that He may move in. For he will not use the furniture of our house but He will toss them all out in favor of His own. Our favorite easy chair....GONE! Our favorite breakfast nook....GONE! Our favorite coffee mug....GONE! Our favorite TV shows....GONE! Our favorite snacks....GONE! Our favorite sports.....GONE! JUST LIKE THAT, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

    We may want to cry that this isn't fair! But He says that YOU are not fair. HE gave you LIFE and all He asks is for you to return the favor. An eye for and eye...a tooth for a arm for and arm....a leg for a leg....a life for a life!

    Will we be willing in the day of His visitation? For what do we have that we wish to hold on to that is greater than what He wishes to give us in return? NOTHING! Is my answer for my life. Will this be your answer too?

    Lord, You can have of me what is rightfully Yours and that is ALL OF ME!

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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