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    Whatever You Ask In My Name

    Whatever You Ask In My Name

    What is often overlooked by those who see another suffering is to ask God, “Lord, I am willing to follow You in everything and in every way but I have just one question for You. What are You doing with this person?” We will pray healing for what we consider God’s will to heal but we never consider asking Him what He is doing.

    Every time someone asks me to pray for their loved one, the first thing I ask the Father is, “What are you doing with that one?” It is not in a tone of defiance but an attitude that seeks to always walk in a manner that is pleasing to Him and not to myself, to find His way and not my way.

    The pastor of a church I used to attend years ago would ask me to ride with him to the hospital to visit someone who the doctors say was going to die. While on the way, this pastor would ask me if that person was going to live or die. I would turn my heart to the Lord to get His word on the matter and give God’s answer. If they were to die, God had His reasons which He would share with me so that I could tell the pastor.

    On another occasion, while serving in another church years before that one, one of the musicians requested prayer for his mother who was dying. She had just come to Christ and then was diagnosed with cancer. The church began to pray and instantly, I heard from the Spirit of the Lord what He was doing. This is what He told me to pass along, “I have waited her entire life for her to finally come to Me and have decided to take her home to be with me now.” I shared this word with the pastor who then beckoned me to tell that musician. When I spoke to the musician about what I heard, he just broke down and cried. Once he was able to compose himself, he told me, “I knew this because the Lord told me but I needed to try because I did not want her to go.” The words I passed on to him actually brought him a great peace because now, God’s word to him was confirmed and the peace God intended for him, could now be received.

    I was asked to pray for another person at another time and I did as I always do, asked the Lord what He was doing. He showed me a sin in that person’s life that He had shown them but they had refused to respond to His voice. It was for this reason they were afflicted with that disease. So I asked that person asking for prayer for another woman, if I could talk to her. She agreed and brought me to the woman who was sick with the disease. I told her the reason she was sick and also told her that the Lord had already spoken to her about that sin in her life and she rejected Him. Immediately she fell to the ground in brokenness and tears. The conviction of the Holy Spirit was on her and she repented immediately. Once this was done, I declared to her that her disease was gone (I could see it leave her body). She left that place, checked with the doctor and confirmed she was free of that cancer. God healed her!

    You see, we all need to get on the same “page” with God, with an attitude that we will do all He says to do. If we come to Him with ONLY our own will and what WE want without seeking what He wants for that person, we may not be ready to hear what He wants. I’ve seen this far too many times in the church. We read a few scriptures, like the ones listed in your message, and run with them but never consider to seek the One who gave those particular scriptures and see if what we are facing ‘matches’ up with that word that God is speaking.

    One brother in Christ uses 1 Cor. 13:12 to explain that verse as “he” understands it. He is wrong! Read it in its entire context and you will see that Paul is using this example to speak about growing in maturity. We will not always see through a glass darkly just as we will not always walk with the mind of a child and continue to do childish things but as we grow in wisdom and understanding, our eyes will be able to see more and more of His truth and that truth is that light that illuminates our way. Paul is not speaking that we must physically die in this world in order to know as we are known. God builds faith in our lives precept upon precept, line upon line, one layer of truth to build upon the next layer of truth until we come to a mature man. When Jesus spoke of that faith as a mustard seed, He also said that this tiniest of seeds will grow into a large tree. So shall our faith grow from that mustard seed like faith to that great tree like faith. Many quote these verses without the context and miss the message completely.

    My last example is that verse that states, “delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart”. If we take that phrase, “delight yourself in the Lord” and do not learn what this means to ‘delight in the Lord’ as defined by God but choose to give it our own definition, then we cannot expect God to ‘yield’ Himself to our definition. We must first find how HE defines it to “delight in the Lord”. That actually CAN be found and it is very explicit. I will post those two verses here:

    Isaiah 58:13-14 “If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath, From doing your pleasure on My holy day, And call the Sabbath a delight, The holy day of the Lord honorable, And shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, Nor finding your own pleasure, Nor speaking your own words, Then you shall delight yourself in the Lord; And I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, And feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father. The mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

    By HONORING THE LORD by “not doing our own ways, nor finding our own pleasures, and not speaking our own words, THEN we shall delight ourselves in the Lord. You see. He defines it and in order to match His definition, we can then ask Him whatever we desire, because, OUR desire will have been transformed to His and we will no longer act on our own will but according to His that He has shown us individually and not just written in His Word. God wants us to come into an intimacy with Him in a way that is actually ‘beyond’ the printed word. Much in same way you cannot have intimacy with your betrothed wife and you are separated by a great distance and your only method of communication is through written letters. Can you imagine being married but never met in person? Can you imagine continuing in that long distance relationship by only writing letters as being a substitute to having intimacy in person? Can you imagine obeying God’s command to be fruitful and multiply in the earth and subdue it but never coming together in person physically but only through letters? And yet, this is what we are trying to do with God, that very same God who sent Jesus to reveal Himself to us and then sent the Holy Spirit who is to continue showing us the Father and through Whom we have access to the Father and can come into that spiritual intimacy with Him and learn of Him and be transformed into that image and likeness we can readily see in His Son, Jesus!

    It just cannot be emphasized enough, unless we are led by the Holy Spirit, we cannot truly ‘know’ Jesus and the Father. If we do not come to truly know Him except through the printed word but with no intimacy with Him through the Holy Spirit He sent for that purpose, then how do we think we can have anything He promises in His word. Imagine being very hungry and going to a fine restaurant but not going in to enjoy that delicious meal but remain standing on the outside, just catching the smell of the food and going home being satisfied with only that. This is what the reading of God’s word is like when we do not do what it says and do not draw near to God in relationship with Him. We deprive ourselves of the best He wants for us.

    Imagine coming from death to life, being born again, like Lazarus rising from the tomb, still wrapped in his grave clothes with no way to free himself and Jesus not telling those nearest him to lose him and let him go. How long do you suppose he would survive in that condition? Not long. Yet, this is but a picture of how we came from death to life. Those grave clothes, the mindsets, judgments and vows, unforgiveness, and emotional wounds that bound us while dead, would remain binding us in life unless they are removed. The work of the water of God’s word is to help us once those immediate bondages are removed but unless someone who is free from those graveclothes is there to help free our legs, our arms and removing the cloth wrapped around our head, we could not move freely but would be greatly hindered in this new life of ours.

    Every one of us came into the kingdom of God just as Lazarus did, still bound by our graveclothes which captured the smell of death in their cloth. We do not yet know how to walk by faith and not by sight. We still can only see darkly and we will remain restricted so we cannot walk or work freely. I truly hope you can see what I am attempting to share with you. There are a lot of issues that have not been dealt with in the average Christian’s life because so few have been sufficiently made free from those attitudes, mannerisms, judgments and promises we made to ourselves (oaths/vows) that carried over into our lives as Christians but were not part of God’s package of freedom in the Spirit. These need to be removed and along the way, more light will come to us, greater revelations, greater understanding and the growing from that initial mustard seed like faith into that great tree Jesus spoke about but in order for this to happen, we have to die to self and self-will and live unto Christ but none of this we can do without the Holy Spirit’s guidance, wisdom, counsel and teaching. We are far too dependent on man, and ourselves but not sufficiently dependent on the Holy Spirit of God.

    If we were truly dependent on the Holy Spirit, then all those questions as to the reasons why someone is not healed and delivered according to God’s own Word would have long ago been answered by Him. It is then evident we are NOT depending on Him nor are we seeking Him because we are left without an answer. Even in the Old Testament, God’s word says in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know.” We may say we ‘know’ the truth but the evidence that we do not stares us in the face daily when we do not witness His mighty hand in our lives and the lives of those we love. Is the arm of the Lord shortened to where He cannot save? Is there anything too difficult for Me, says the Lord? If we seek and get no answer, then we must examine the motives of our heart or ask Him to show us where we err.

    There have been many mighty men of God who have been used of Him to perform many and mighty miracles, healing and deliverance throughout the years and each of them had a message that what they were doing could be accomplished by anyone if they truly believed. It is our judgments and our unbelief that stands in the way. If we follow the commandments of men, we will not give an ear nor seek the commandments of God for we will have been convinced that others have tried and not received, so, in their arrogance, sought to find another reason why those signs of God are not seen in their lives. No my brethren in Christ, as I see it in His Word and through my own life experiences, God’s word is always true, only man is found to be a liar.

    There are so many things left to say but I cannot share them all here, although it may appear I have. Please visit my website at I pray that God will lead you to where you will find the answers to all your questions. They are all in His Word but hidden because certain men have tried to explain them away by spiritualizing them as not applicable to the whole man. If we are created in His image, and are redeemed back to Him, then every part of us, mind-will-emotions and spirit, are to return to what was created in Adam but even to a better than Adam, Jesus the Anointed. He came to redeem the whole man, even the body as this mortal WILL take on the immortal. Yes, the final redemption is to have our mortal bodies redeemed from the dead just as Jesus’ body has risen, not just in Spirit but in body as well. Then, the FULL redemption will be completed.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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    1. Amen.I spent 2 days helping a man move house because he was unable to do it. He was not able to walk a step without gasping for air. But God would not allow me to speak to him about salvation. He complained bitterly about his ex wife saying he would never forgive her of the things she did to him. About 3 months later the man phoned me and told me that the day after I left his new home, he collapsed of a heart attack and later died on the operating table. While he was in an induced coma for 10 days he experienced much fear in his dreams and was sure he was dead already. He said he was in a dark place. He wanted me to visit him again. I was not led to visit him for another month. During that month God did some deliverance work in me, bringing me to repentance over old vows and unforgiveness. Then the day after being set free myself, God gave me the green light to visit the man. He told me I was to go there and lead him to Me. I turned up on his front verandah at 8 am 20th December 2015 and withing 15 minutes of him getting out of bed(Sunday morning)he was weeping and giving his heart to the Lord Jesus. Glory to God!
      I learned a lot out of that experience about hearing what God wants and not assuming we know His will.
      The man was not ready to hear about Jesus when I had been with him months before. God knew what was coming. Thank you Jerry for confirming in my heart what God taught me.

    2. Thank you for sharing that testimony Dennis! What a powerful illustration. If you had tried to convince that man before his heart was ready to receive, the opportunity to come back again may have been lost for a hardness and bitterness of his soul might have written 'you' off as well.

      On a similar example, we were living in the Denver, Colorado area and were managing apartments. From our second floor vantage point, we could easily see the front yard and the street in front of the apartments. My wife noticed one day, one of our tenants walking dejectedly, to and from the nearby grocer. She wanted me to go speak to this man right away to see what was troubling him and to offer comfort.

      I did as I usually do, I inclined my heart and thoughts to the Lord to see what HE wanted to do. Immediately He showed me that now was not the time and so, passing this along to my wife, we prayed for him but did not speak to him yet. Several more times she would see him walking as she noticed before, cast down and dejected. There was such a sense of hopelessness in him that could easily be seen. Each time, she would ask me if the time was now and each time, the Lord would show me the time was not yet.

      Then, several weeks later, she called me over to look at him again as he was returning from the grocery store. He was so cast down in his countenance that it was difficult to NOT want to run to him and speak comfort to him but I did as always, turned my heart to the Lord and this time, He told me that now was the time.

      Immediately I left to walk to his garden level apartment. He had already returned and was inside when I knocked on his door. I had no idea what I was to do but trusted God to show me at the right moment. This man opened his door and did not come out but stood there looking at me and just then, God's incredible love washed over me and all I could say was "I LOVE YOU MAN!". At that moment, he came out and embraced me and just began to weep. I couldn't help but cry with him. I could still feel God's intense love towards this man all the while we were in that embrace which lasted a couple of minutes. Then, while pulling away and returning to his open door, he kept saying "Thank you!" over and over. He closed his door and I was shown to return home. I never got to talk to him about what was troubling him, never got to speak anything except those few words "I love you Man!"

      Later that evening, we received a telephone call from this man, inviting us to a dinner at his place the following night. Of course we accepted and eagerly waited to see what the Lord was doing. The following night, we appeared at his door and he very graciously, welcomed us in and sat us at his table. While he was bringing things to the table, he was telling us of all that had been happening.

      (to be continued)

      1. He explained that he was married to a wonderful young lady half his age. Her parents had approved of this relationship. Eventually, this young lady decided she did not want to be with him any longer and left him. As if this were not a strong enough blow, what happened shortly afterward would be. He learned that she was killed in a car accident. This news left him as we saw him before, dejected, cast down, broken. He said that her parents, who both were pastors, came to offer comfort to him but he refused them as he just was not ready. For weeks on end, he struggled with his grief and loss but also with where he was in his life. Everything was coming to a 'head'. He just could not talk to anyone about it. Then, after several weeks had passed, he found himself not only ready but strongly desiring that someone would come to offer him comfort. Just at that moment, he heard a knock on his door and here was the apartment manager, standing there and with great emotion, telling him that he loves him! He could not resist and just fell into his outstretched arms and wept.

        You see, he wanted to express how God gave to him what he needed and precisely at that moment when he was ready to receive it.

        Sometimes, no theological or doctrinal discourse is needed. God, seeing the work of His hands, knew exactly what to bring, when to bring it and what that one is to say/do. This is why we need to rely entirely upon the Holy Spirit's guidance and wisdom for He sees from a different perspective than we do and He knows what is needed to heal, touch, and deliver that heart He has been so diligently working on. This is why we, as His children, must not be walking in our own counsels or the counsels of others but to lean on, rely in and trust in the person of the Holy Spirit. His timing is always perfect and if we can trust His words to us, every word we speak from His direction, will produce exactly those results He desired.

        Once again, thank you Dennis for sharing of your testimony. Let us pray that God will use these testimonies and this word to touch others so they too can come to experience this incredible joy of seeing God's handiwork being worked through them and into the lives of others.

    3. Fits of laughter and tears here brother as I read that just now!

      1. Knowing what God has been doing in you brother, I can understand and join you!


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