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    THAT is the REAL question!

    When I was a boy growing up in small town USA and going to the local grade school, I was not one of the popular kids but a very shy and introverted one. I stayed mostly alone, away from all the 'fun' in the school yard as each time I tried to participate, I became the focal point of the bullies in the school yard to show off their dominating characteristics. I don't know why I was their favorite target but you can imagine that being the 'butt of every joke' could not be a place one would desire to be. 

    Not getting support from my family was also a difficult thing to have to face and being oftentimes falsely accused with no possibility of a voice to say something different in my own defense were all the right ingredients to bring me to a point where I wished I were never born or at least, born in a different family. The LAST thing I wanted to be was to be myself.

    I say all this to show that I truly DO know what it is like to want to be something else or someone else but most certainly, not myself. Many grew up either facing something similar to what I faced or for other reasons, due to circumstances outside of their control, were rejected and lacked self-confidence and self-respect. 

    I can still remember all those times I would watch others who were popular in school and try to imitate them in their words and their attitudes. None of it was me and as a result, none of it worked. It seems, while looking back in my life, I have spent a great majority of my life trying to be anything and anyone BUT me. No one seemed to want me or love me. It was obvious to me that there was something very wrong with me and although I did not know what that 'something' was, I associated it simply as "BEING" me.

    When Jesus came into my life early in '76 at the age of 22, I was certain that this too could not last as I was very experienced that no good thing could ever come my way. I could even hear the voice of the adversary saying that this would not last. Today, 40 years later, Jesus has proved His never ending and never failing love for me, no matter how often I tried to sabotage it to 'prove' that I was unworthy of His love. But nothing I have done changed HIS love for me NOR His nature towards me. Even when I was not faithful, He remained faithful as He said He will not deny His own.

    Over the years, once I was able to get past the expected rejection, I slowly began to realize that it was never about MY qualifications for His love or what I could DO that enabled Him to love me. He knew EVERYTHING about me before my walk with Him began. He knew my many wounds and more poor outlook on my life and He also knew that the last thing I wanted to be was 'me'. Yet, He never gave up with me and continued to enlighten me with His Word of truth which began to slowly transform my thinking and perspective.

    Today, I know without a doubt that He loves me and will never forsake me as He has proven this time and time again. I also learned that the greatest gift He has given to me is that LIFE which enables me to discover that it was not only acceptable to be ME but also a most unique GIFT. You see, God never makes mistakes and making me was not a mistake as I was given to understand but I was created to be a 'gift' to all those around me. All I had to "DO" is to be simply BE me as He created me to be. Being ME, according to His definition and not mine, meant that I would BE His son and in that relationship and out of that relationship, I could be His vessel of honor to bring the message of His love and transforming power to others who, like me, could not find a reason to love themselves and accept who they were.

    The scripture says that all of creation gives glory to God and this is done because all that He created ARE what He created them to BE. The only ones of His creation that seeks to be something other than what He created them to be are US, mankind. For it is only mankind who have sinned against Him and rebelled against Him seeking our own way instead of His way in our lives. We just refused to BE what He has called us to BE...namely, His sons and daughters made by His Spirit, guided by His Spirit, taught by His Spirit, corrected by His Spirit and loved by His Spirit.

    We have collectively, neglected the most important aspect of our relationship with God the Father and that is to walk hand in hand with His Holy Spirit who was sent to earth to live within us and lead, guide us into ALL TRUTH. It is the very TRUTH that will not only make us FREE but bring us into His very presence in order that we can do that which Jesus said we needed to do in order to find that place of REST. "LEARN OF ME" and you shall "FIND". These words, to me, are some of the most important words in the whole bible. 

    For if we do not 'learn of Jesus', we cannot 'find' that which He has promised us and He has even provided us a way TO FIND that truth of Him and that is through the HOLY SPIRIT whom He sent to not only LIVE within us but also to TEACH us, GUIDE us, CONFIRM His love to us and to SHOW us His life and His love for us. For only through the teaching, guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit, the 3rd PERSON of the Godhead, will we finally begin to understand what we were created to BE. We are to BE that expression of His living Body while we are in this earth. We are not all alike with varying gifts and callings but together, as a whole, we represent that diversity we can all understand as Christ's BODY in this earth. All are not to be the hands nor called to be the feet. We are created to each fulfill that part of His body that brings the full expression of the WHOLE.

    So, my prayer is that we will ALL draw ever nearer to Him who loved us enough to pay the price for our selfish ways. Life in Him is no longer about US but now is all about HIM and when we lay down the "US" and learn to not only HEAR His voice but to seek to hear AND obey His voice, we will no longer be living for ourselves but learn to see our place in His kingdom and see how great His love is for us and for our brethren. If we live to serve others before ourselves, we will begin to see ever more clearly how we are to BE that which the Father has intended from the beginning.

    So with the knowledge of this truth, let us all endeavor to FIND that place of REST promised to all those who LEARN of Jesus.

    Jerry Sundberg

    Soon after I received the Lord in 1976, I started receiving prophetic visions and warnings about the future of the church and the United States. I share my visions on my Hidden Manna websites and offer free of charge my two ebooks entitled “Hidden Manna” and “Hidden Manna 2”.

    Website: Hidden Manna

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