About the Book

This 299 page book answers many of the big questions of life: why are we here, what is life about, who is G*d and why should we know Him. It shows the evidence for how mankind first got in contact with the Almighty and why that contact was lost. Each page is dripping with art historical facts as it traces out the mystical commonality we humans share with each other. Additionally many of the pages of this book contain references to modern music which elevates the readers understanding of history on an intellectual and emotional level. Themes such as these are not commonly found in other history books...

The book explains who and what the Devil is and how certain priesthoods chose to worship him instead of the Almighty. In short, it’s a must read for the people seeking the kingdom of heaven here on earth as well as in the afterlife. It offers answers and insights into our collective roots and the origins of both mysticism and religion. It’s not a light reads, prescribing only as much a page or two a day allows for integration of the 40,000 years of history. The common thread throughout are the Entheogens or what are more correctly called—the Names of the Angels—that missing link which all the major religions have in common.

It is the authors belief that this book will herald in a new age on earth—one where the Rock prophesied to come out of the dark and bring down the wicked Empire will then spread throughout the earth as our unified belief system awakens.