The Church of Enlightenment
An Education in History

When you look at this picture - what do you see?

Probably not much huh? What your looking at is a 1600 century stain glass

window showing Jesus Christ newly risen from the grave holding a Psilocybin mushroom. This is from a church no less.

The above image comes from an early Christian Bible. In it you can see Christ crucified

and the sacred mushrooms being examined by his followers. This is from the Bible itself!

So when Jesus said 'I have food to eat that you know nothing about' he wasn't kidding.

This Bible page tells us that Jesus' real body - the communion wafer was the Psilocybin mushroom!

This stain glass image comes from Notre Dame Cathedral. It shows Jesus' relationship

to the mushrooms, how he to used them as an instrument for communion with God.

In the above Monrovian Illuminated Bible we see the Alpha and Omega symbol

on either side of the cross made out of fish. The fish was the early symbol for Christ.

Below these symbols we see illustrations of birds and animals eating the blue staining orange capped mushrooms.

This book images was created between 759 and 779 AD and now resides in the Vatican.

With all this evidence - and the above has never been presented to the public eye - don't you think it's possible that Jesus

really came to teach us about communion with God through the Psilocybin mushrooms?

What would it mean if the whole world could say it knew God? How would things be different?

We wouldn't fight wars for one and we'd have a much richer existence.

Is that what is meant when the Bible says the whole world will turn their swords into plow sheers and live as one in peace?

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The Church of Enlightenment
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